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    Originally posted by Franz© View Post
    More Vital Information-
    Regular ice cream contains roughly 30% to 60% air. Soft serve ice cream contains more air, usually about 70% of its volume. The additional air gives soft serve a softer texture and causes it to melt more quickly, hence its name.

    Soft serve is a different animal than hard scoop ice cream. It's got a much lower milk-fat, which keeps it from turning to butter when churned vigorously. Soft serve ice cream is about 3 -6% butterfat; super-premium ice cream has anywhere from 1 4 - 16 % butterfat.

    And there's Gelato- One of the main components of gelato production is that it is churned very slowly, making it much more dense than regular ice cream. However, it contains about 5-7% less fat, due to the higher ratio of milk to cream.

    Maybe I'll just stick to Frozen Custard and worry myself sick about catching Salmonella because the eggs weren't properly handled. The key ingredient to this delicious dish is egg yolk. All other ingredients are the same as regular ice cream, but the yolk creates a thicker product.

    Keerap, I lost my appetite.
    Interesting stuff about a product that helps millions of people chill-out during times of stress. I still love my Vanilla ice cream and Bosco sauce.

    The bestest and tastiest food and desserts you get at a good diner.