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  • New Miller Continuum, Bugs

    I think the new Miller Continuum is a sweet machine, and love all the options.
    However, as with any new product that is more computer than welding machine, there are bugs in the system.
    I'd like to start a topic that lists these bugs, or issues that folks are having with the equipment, along with how its been fixed, as informational help for new users.
    Basically, if we share what to look for and how to fix the issue, frustration / down time will be minimized.

    So, I'll start:
    I was having a recurring issue in which, after working OK for a while, when I would strike an arc the machine wold shut down and show a "Communication" Error.
    The only way to clear it would be to cycle the power on the unit and allow it to reboot, just to have the same issue repeat.
    The issue was fixed by having my Miller Rep come out and replace a circuit board in the power source.
    He told me that any software Part Number prior to 273417 L, with L being the key indicator may have this issue. ( L or M, etc. good / K or J, etc. bad )
    So, if you're purchasing a machine with an early software part number, request a later version.

    Click image for larger version

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    Gee, a whole new generation of Enginurds invented the famed Zip-Cut in a new tin box with a keyboard.

    Seems like a Department tradition at Supergiantmegaworldwide.