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Spectrum 875 issues-Bad Primary Interconnect Board

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  • Spectrum 875 issues-Bad Primary Interconnect Board

    Bought a Spectrum 875 plasma brand new a few years ago and had an intermittent issue with it since day one. Had it to a miller service station twice and they did nothing because they couldn't get it to act up. So frustrated, I dealt with it till now it quit all together and needs $2100 worth of parts. It's been more than 3 years since I bought it so Miller will not warranty anything even will all the phone calls I made.
    So since I am on my own on this I am looking for help. Technician said the parts I need are 234847, 234846, and a 245756. If anyone has any of these for sale or would be interested in buy the whole unit from me to repair themselves let me know. There is literally less than 5 hours of cutting on this thing and now its gonna cost what its worth to fix it.
    Is this a common issue for these things?
    Anybody repair these parts?

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    Two of those parts cannot be repaired (234847 inverter igbt, 234846 input rectifier and boost igbt). You can usually find those for cheaper by searching Miller and the part number. The third component 245756, could be repaired, but I would only trust that repair from a company that warranties the work and has the specialized test equipment/circuits. If 234847 is bad, I would expect it to have taken out the capacitor, Snubber, and drive circuits on the 245756 board, at a minimum. Radwell, innovative Corp, or some.other online repair company may offer to repair or replace your board for cheaper. I was fixing a Miller Spectrum 625 with similar issues, and those boards are so dense with parts, I ultimately gave up on it and sold it for what I could get out of it. Sorry to hear your bad luck.