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  • Miller 215 Multi-Process

    so after the first of the year im looking to upgrade to a different welder i currently have a hobart ez handler
    the welders i am looking at are the 211 and the 215 multi process unit ..
    the 211 i can get local for 1340 and the 215 with the accessories i can get for 2045 before tax at AirGas
    now in the future i want to try my hand at tig welding i thought it might be a good deal then going out an buying a tig machine when i got ready.

    how is the 215? how are multi process machines? if a process has issues such as stick or tig will it still mig?
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    Your last sentence is one reason why I steer clear of multi-process machines. I want a mig welder that wants to be a really good mig welder.

    I have some experience on the older style 211 and it’s an excellent machine.

    You can learn to tig weld with any DC stick welder and a scratch start rig. That’s how I started, that’s how a lot of people started. It’s cheap and I still use that process from time to time.

    You have enough mains power to upgrade your machine?


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      i have had plans since i seen the 211 to get it.. but curiours about the 215 as well so i may just continue on saving for it.. ive got two circuts i use for my machines i also have a hypertherm powermax 30 plasma cutter .. i have a 110 breaker an a 220 breaker ... i dont even have a stick machine just a wire machine i do metal art tattered flags etc when im home on days off from my oilfield job..


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        Nice. Show us some pictures of the flag art.

        My point about the scratch start is you can get an old stick welder, or a new one...whatever....and for the cost of a scratch start rig and some argon you can be tig welding.

        Sometimes, I can’t get a machine or bus or whatever it is I’m repairing back to my shop to mig weld something, I may not want to stick weld it, so I’ll drag out the scratch start and tig weld it. It’s a very versatile process.


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          ive done a couple of punisher skulls also i shoot with automotive paint here are couple things ive done i make an try to sell them


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            Cool. Can you do a tattered Jolly Roger flag?


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              with some time i bet i could the skull might give me some issues cant draw all that well the teeth for it lol
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                I am with Ryan on the multiprocess machines. Do not get me wrong... I own a XMT350 and it does run my mig feeder very nice and it also stick and tig welds very nice. Heres the thing... cram 10 lbs of stuff in a 5 lbs box something has to suffer performance wise. I like dedicated machines as they tend to perform their designated tasks on que without hiccups. I feel the Xmt might be an exception. It's a industrial setting machine so... take it with a grain of salt. The 215 is a hobbyist/home shop machine. It may very well do everything and do it well but dedicated machines is a sure bet on performance.
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                  well i am a hobby metal art person im not building big metal buildings.. might repair some metal lawn funiture or something..

                  might just get the 211 and like an eastwood tig machine lol

                  prob whouldnt be a bad idea over time just to get a machine one of eatch tig mig an stick that way no issues not sure yet though


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                    My experience with a fairly expensive Lincoln Mig welder that could also Tig was that while the Tig worked, it wasn't that great. No HF start. The current levels seemed to be stepped instead of a smooth progression when using the pedal. It's a great mig welder, does everything I want including pulse and aluminum but it's not so hot as a tig welder.

                    The thing is the problem with the Tig isn't inherent. It's just that they chose not to make it a particularly good Tig welder. What I mean is, there's nothing preventing a machine from being both a good mig welder and a good tig welder. In your shoes, I'd pick a feature set, like require HF start and be AC/DC then see if any machine seems to have all the features you want on both the mig and tig side. If you can't get a multi-process that has all the features you want, then you know you have to get a dedicated machines instead.


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                      dedicated machines for eatch process seems prb like the best idea just will get one at a time first thing though i think ill do is get the 211 to replace my hobart 140 the miller is lighter and can be used on 220 and 110... can do thicker materail how is that auto set featuer?