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Miller AEAD 200LE no power/weld

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  • Miller AEAD 200LE no power/weld

    So, I've had the engine drive for over a year now, SN HE775405. I originally bought it not generating power, and after several hours of looking around found that the previous owners had somehow melted wire #10 from coil to the weld/power changeover switch. Ended up fixing that and it generated and welded perfectly. Later this past summer here I decided to add some electronics to regulate the varying voltage off the charging coil so I could actually charge the battery since the selenium rectifier was shot. After installing that, it appeared to charge the battery so I put it away. Went to use it a month later and no welding, and no power to the outlets in the power mode. Put a multimeter on it and only got a volt or two coming of the switch. What could possibly be wrong? I checked the continuity off the various windings and they all had continuity, so I'm not sure what else to check for as to why I suddenly lost power generation. I never tested if it welded right after I installed the battery charging module, but I don't know what I could have done when installing that to cause it to interfere with the rest of the electronics. I polished the commutator bars and made sure the brushes were making contact and still nothing.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what else could be wrong? It puzzles me how I get a volt or two but nothing more out of the changeover switch and how it all of a sudden stopped working. Thanks in advance!

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    So Welcome. I am assuming your profile is chainsaws? Echo here...Bob Click image for larger version

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    Bob Wright


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      Maybe you confused your machine. It’s not sure if it’s red or blue. Probably that makes it identify as a non-binary welder; that’s the new thing ya know.


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        I own 2 Echos, 1 Homelite and a couple David Bradleys including a 4 foot 2 MAN, and truthfully I'm disappointed with all of them. I wear long pants.
        I bought one of the new ChinkWaukee battery powered saws, and it starts 1000 times easier.
        Homelite did produce a very fine generator based farm power system back 100 years or so, and they built thousands of DC generators that rode around in the tail of bomber airplanes, and thousands more 110 volt DC plants that rode around on fire truck running boards (BR) because everybody knew DC was safe around standing water. Then again, those were gifts from the Fed, and there was no OSHA or Fireman Union crap. Real Firemen picked those generators off running boards ad carried them where they were needed.


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          Haha yeah, I was pretty big into old saws before I got more into welding, and this blue beast was what really got me started hard into smaw. Got a various assortment of old saws, Mcculloch and Homelite being my favorite two, wish I did more with them but I don't have a lot of use for saws currently. And yes, I had to stick one of those red machine stickers on a blue machine just to amuse a few close friends who run red. Right now it identifies as a non welding welder so that's somewhat aggravating, but par for the course on an old machine with as many hours as it has on it.