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What's this old welder worth?

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  • What's this old welder worth?

    I picked up this older welder a while back. It is a Miller Del-200 with a Deutz single cylinder diesel engine. Motor is F1L 210D. Serial number is 7652864. I tested the generator and it produced power.
    I cannot attach larger picts. Here is a link to Google drive with the picts of the unit.

    What do you think this welder is worth? Please state CAD or US funds so I can convert.


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    It worth something or nothing. I don't want it so to me it's not worth much. Someone else might however and pay more. Your link required a sign in to google. I did a search and got this Miller discussion link. Good luck.


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      Since it's 80s production it's GENUINE Miller Electric, not a knockoff miller.
      Beyond that I'd be looking at the windings close to be sure they are still well tied.

      Value, if you need a machine of that nature fir around the ranch and can tolerate that it might not work when you need it a couple hundred. Being Diesel it should be a cheap run, especially as a generator.

      Dollar value of most welders is highly geographic.