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Memo to Noel & other Canaadians

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  • Memo to Noel & other Canaadians

    Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Feel free to send surplus cheddar, peameal bacon and pumpkin pies to me for proper use so you can be thankful I kept you from getting fat.

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    When It comes too giving thanks, you guys are in it. See I thank my lucky stars too read the gems of wisdom and knowledge you guys share. Doesn't happen
    over the good stuff you were mentioning though, but I do tend too stray from tradition.

    I stopped at Tim's for a 20 of Tom Bits. I don't do dough often but I do get a craving now and again. 5 Chocolate glazed, 5 Raspberry, 5 honey glazed, 3 Old fashion and 2 Pumpkin Spice. I could send you one of those Pumpkin Spice that's still left after snacking. Pumpkin flavored sugar dough, trust me one is enough.

    And for the record, I had a chocolate first. It was fantastic. Then the Raspberry. The squish of fruity tart goodness. Honey glazed...melt in you mouth. I was on a roll. Popped in a Pumpkin and it was then the craving for dough was sugar sedated and my stomach said to much dough. Thankful I had the other first let me tell you. Threw the rest in a bag and tossed them in the freezer. lol. Thanks giving left overs!

    Thanks for thinking of us, and our waist lines.


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      Noel, is there such a thing as Canadian bacon? Happy Thanksgiving Noel.


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        Originally posted by tackit View Post
        Noel, is there such a thing as Canadian bacon? Happy Thanksgiving Noel.
        There most certainly is Tack. It''s round and maple tasting cause Canadian pigs eat maple leaves this time of year.


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          Originally posted by Franz© View Post

          There most certainly is Tack. It''s round and maple tasting cause Canadian pigs eat maple leaves this time of year.

          Quebec is actually the largest hog producer in Canada and home to a vast supply of Maple trees and syrup. I heard they attach nipples to the trees so the hogs can nurse off the flowing sap? Sure is tasty pork.

          Click image for larger version

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            Thanks for reminding me Noel. I gotta get my sap buckets mounted to the hydro polles for this years sap collection.

            Sad to her the once fine azzes of Quebec have become hogs. I suppose it was inevitable the way them froggy girls breed for the Baby Bonus though.


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              You know Franz, I did hear that when they had ice storms roll through there a few years back with power out for weeks, birth rates did rise 9 months later. In my books those ladies were hero's. As far as breeding for babies goes, I can't say. They do however boast a generous child tax benefit.


              It's BC that's sucks looking out for the children.


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                Don't hardly matter where the blackout is, it tends to infect a lot of wimmen with kids. I recall hearing aboot it when NY$hity had that blackout.
                Must be urban peoples run out of elevators and TV they turn to basic instinct.

                PoCo where I live is now owned by a huge Internationaltransglobal outfit and we had a minor 3 day event a few years back. Holding company insists on keeping all the $$ in house so they sent crews from Montreal and Central Maine. Some genius sititng in his basement room completely compootryzd restoration, like a ITW "welder" and it works aboot as well on power restoration as it looks to on all these inverter machines.
                They paid a man to sit around the clock in my driveway watching primary arcing on the ground because the computer couldn't tell 1 of 100 trucks driving by to open the switch. Them Montreal guys speak something like English and are easier to understand than the Maine guys. Truck from LongIsland Power finally rolled in and set a couple poles and Central Maine arrived an hour later to build the transformer bank & hang wire.

                One thing I sure know, the more compootyrz they get to go along with less men, the morefrequent we have outages.


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                  Another reason to give thanks, having electricity. Snacked on a few of those left over Tim Bits. I stopped at 4 again. But that was a while ago and I'm getting a late night craving for dough?


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                    One of these years I gotta wander into that Timmy place, but this time of year I have to be real careful in public.
                    I seem to have a definite similarity of appearance to Santa, and young ladies in their 30s tend to group up around me seeking favor.
                    It can be a terrible affliction come voting day.
                    Never had a Timbit in all my life, but then I never been in a Timmy's either.

                    Maybe if I work it right Timma will retain me as a customer experience enhancer.
                    Timma has PR problems here for the last couple months.


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                      You guys are hamming it up too much --- down in the states we use Virginia products, like Smithfield when we char mammal flesh.



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                        For the record, It was a craving... I don't do Tim's or Starbucks on a regular basis. I'm not a supporter. I'd rather drink a 7-11 coffee but I'm a big fan of instant around home because it's quick.
                        But I have been know to indulge a craving which I did. But it gone now so I have to wait for a new one. That could be a while. But I have been thinking bacon...savory bacon.

                        I'm going to try that next time the Craftsman doesn't start. I hear it's a good way as well to keep the worms warm when Ice Fishing? Anyone try that?


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                          AT that Smithfield pork is now Chinee product, just like a couple welder manufacturers I'll not name publicly.

                          Can't do the ice fishin here any more Noel, AlGorps globulcrap warming done went and melted the ice EH.
                          It's so bad nobody been able to harvest ice off ponds here for over 50 years and draw it to the ice house.

                          When the firemen found out the ice house and apple dry houses weren't being used, they went and had a new megabux firehouse built right there. Now they can lounge there in air conditioned comfort while they watch **** on cable or watch the mowing contractor cut the green crap around the place.

                          It's all part of global change or something some dorkboy on TV hasn't named yet.