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302 Airpak compressor shutting off

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  • 302 Airpak compressor shutting off

    Hoping someone here can help me out with an issue I’m having. I’ve got a 302 Airpak with the 30HP Koehler. I love it it’s a great machine but recently when I’ve been using the air it shuts off on me and the machine starts to “surge”( Engine keeps running but I lose air pressure). I watched the clutch for the compressor and it starts to kick on and off about the time the air production quits. Almost like it’s loading up then releasing. I’ve just been using air for my chipper and needle gun on the lowest setting between passes of 1/8 7018 defiantly not pushing the machine hard. Once the air dies the machine continues to shutter and surge while the air compressor clutch is kicking in and out.

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    Highest probability would be the check valve device where the compressed air enters the receiver is malfunctioning.

    Working from the silly presumption the machine has been properly maintained & drained, and the receiver isn't full of condensate, I'd move to step 2 troubleshooting.

    I'd disconnect the line from compressor to check valve and run the machine. If the problem is the check, the compressor will run wide open although not making much pressure.

    Meanwhile, post model and serial numbers for the machine so the drawings can be brought up.


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      Thanks Franz I could actually hear air leaking out of somewhere on the machine almost in a pulsing manner, but I was rushing to finish my job and didn’t want to look like I was fixing my junk on someone’s dime so I didn’t investigate, will look again tomorrow.
      S/N: MD330423R
      Stock No: 907549