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    Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
    INWELD is great rod and wire. I sold a ton of it...Bob
    That’s where I’m heading for my next roll. I’ve had such success with the 6010 i gotta try the 030. If it’s as good as the rods I’ll never buy anything else.


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      Originally posted by Franz© View Post
      I opine that all the verbosity and drawings don't mean spit till the joint is cut, polished, developed and looked at. Pretty tops might mean something to somebody, but if the weldments ain't fused to create strength the crap on top ain't gonna help.

      Neil I am chagrined with the 1234 Canadian approach. Surely I'd have thought a country known for its woolens would have held firm to knit one pearl 2 for long passes.
      Noel learned 1234 and never learned to knit. I do wish I had, I like knitted socks, mitts, scarfs and sweaters. Winters are long, and yarn seems to be readily available. I see a bright side to the seniors lodge?

      Voltage is like salt, to much isn't really a good thing, but that doesn't however stop people from using it in excess. As you mentioned, it's because they don't cut and etch, they see smooth and don't see much more or further past what's on top.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	sTugWSRl.jpg
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ID:	603531I poached this picture from a publication. The whole side of the left face is flat, as well the corner being a sharp corner. Not for me to say, but looking at the picture, I bet I can stand a good chance of winning on a guess which side he was standing when he welded it and where the gun was pointing when he did. I'd also guess voltage was on the higher side when doing so.
      But it would be just a guess.


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        I remember 2 things aboot knitting.
        There are machines thatwill do most of it while a jack rod moves the bobbin back and forth.
        Second, getting busted attempting to teach the Lab to hold the skein of yarn so Mom could wind it onto a ball was a very bad idea on my part. When that pup went tug of war on her yarn badness came forth from that lady in huge portions.