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    Did I miss the part about flux core wire? I think that’s the first time you mentioned it. That’s good to know that autoset doesn’t work well with flux core wire though.


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      Originally posted by One1 View Post
      I’ve always called this issue burn back, miller seems to call it something else. Basically my wire is hunting and pecking in the puddle. It will hit and burn back halfway to the contact tip and hit again. I can control it fine if i turn autoset off and manually adjust the wire feed speed.

      My question is if this is common on Miller Autoset? Do people have feed issues with the wire not staying an even distance from the puddle and burning back?

      My drive roller is not slipping. It’s been ran everywhere from loose to nearly crushing just to be sure that is not my issue. It feeds perfectly and is currently set to where it barely slips under high tension (right before it would birds nest).

      Is this how Autoset normally behaves?
      Yes its normal and a problem as i have worked with others trying to fix it. For that reason i will never buy an autoset welder no matter who's name is on the tag. It sucks for sure...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Even in simplicity, we sometimes find a need for complication. Or is that make it? I'm not sure actually but I do wonder about it...

        Auto-settings are one of those times and it seems it's either hated or liked as a testament to chip technology and thinking for us. I don't know if it needs fixing or a better understanding? But if Miller added a blurb about why it wasn't available, not such a good idea to do so with self shielded FCAW, I'm sure it's any where from a line of print making a solid statement, to sit down this might take a while.

        If you get past the burn back surging of the wire, seems to be working wouldn't you say?


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          Sometimes I work in a shop that has a 211, but I’ve never really used the autoset much. I’ve tried it and adjusted from there. I think it’s close, but not for out of position.


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            I’ve got my C25 and reg out, as well as hard wire so in the am I’m going to run it and I’m sure it’ll behave properly. It never says anywhere NOT to use Autoset with fluxcore. It says here are the settings for C25 and hardwire when using Autoset.

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              I agree, it should be listed on the same label.


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                At last, a pic of the 211 itself; answers the un-answered question of WHICH 211 it is...
                My first 211(a) didn't mention flux core in the autoset section of the manual, sold that one to a friend when I found a half-price deal on a MM252/dual running gear/never used 30A spool gun - bit bulky for "portability" so I bought one of the MM211(d) inverter versions - built an "offroad" cart for that one.
                The autoset choices are GREATLY expanded on that one, INCLUDING a choice for flux core. Haven't tried it, and like Bob I wasn't as impressed by the newer autoset as I was with the ORIGINAL mm211 -

                The older 211 did OK on autoset with C25/.035 wire, but BOTH seem to run hot - I read somewhere that Miller had designed autoset for fillet welds, my old version worked pretty good if I just set the "thickness" knob one size smaller than what I was actually welding.

                First time I used the new one, it seemed to "spaz out" similar to 1's vid, haven't used it on autoset SINCE. Running in manual (again, usually about one size DOWN from the door chart) it runs fine.

                Since your 211(a) is definitely out of warranty, my recommendation would be to see if your autoset works OK with C25/hard wire - if so, lose the flux crap and get a couple screens if you MUST weld outside - if it DOESN'T run hard wire in autoset, then either use it in manual, find a new autoset board, or SELL it/trade it for something you like better.

                In my opinion, EITHER version of the mm211 isn't really "professional", but will do the job if you understand its limitations - (or, if there's times when you don't wanna lift a 300# welder :=) - I originally sold my first mm211 NOT because it didn't work, more because I got tired of "guessing" what those random numbers meant (AND that half-price hardly used MM252) ... Steve


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                  Ran C25 and hardwire and didn’t have any issues. I want to run dual shield 045 with this and i was hoping to use Autoset. Not going to happen. The hardwire did great though on my temporary setup.


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                    Originally posted by One1 View Post
                    I’ve got my C25 and reg out, as well as hard wire so in the am I’m going to run it and I’m sure it’ll behave properly. It never says anywhere NOT to use Autoset with fluxcore. It says here are the settings for C25 and hardwire when using Autoset.
                    I'm sure if they put a label saying "NOT" on everything that a guy might try it would be a pretty thick manual to read.

                    With the apparent interest being a focus on the fact it doesn't, rather they why it doesn't, it reminds me we don't need to know why if we just accept that it doesn't and move along. I'm down with that.

                    Miller made it simple and took the guess work and the thinking out of it so we didn't have to in a couple of applications. That's auto set. All applications would be a more expensive piece of equipment and probably wouldn't sell as a result in adding cost to the equipment for the market they are trying to sell to, those wanting o stick metal together cheaply and easily with a limited need for understanding besides does it hold together.


                    Lucky for us, it usually does.


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                      Because there are about 4 types of wire generally speaking, so I guess that would make the label so enormous it wouldn’t fit on the machine.

                      You think that machine can run hot enough to burn some .045 dual shield? Not for very long if it will is my guess.


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                        Yep. It’ll run it. This mig runs quite hot. hotter than my MM35/200 for sure and it’ll run it. I’d probably hit the duty cycle if i used it all day long, my use is intermittent through the day.


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                          I love dual shield wire. Especially .045. What gas are you planning to run that DS with?


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                            Have you tried the .045 dual shield on it yet? That might be alot to ask of the wire feeder moreso than the power supply- long term it might overwork the feeder motor. There are some .035 FCAW-G options that may work well. I set up an XMT 304 with suitcase feeder to run .035 FCAW-G, which the operator likeda lot (much better welder than I ever hope to be) for his farm work. I was paying for the first roll, so I bought the Blue Demon stuff... It ran very well at about 24V and 190 amps on C-25, but could probably still run well at colder settings. My Fabco Triple 7 datasheet .045 parameters are 23V/100A to 26V/200A for 100% CO2 all positions.
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                              I have the MM211 (transformer) and the auto-set doesn't work well with flux core wire. That's fine-I like to manually dial it in myself. I watched your video 4 times. The first thing I noticed when you pulled the trigger was your arc length, or CTWD. Your contact tip was way too far from the work. This will cause stubbing and burn back. Hold a shorter arc and see if this helps.


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                                The 211 inverter AutoSet works great in both C25 and in the gasless Flux-Core settings, since they are different switch settings. But yea, too bad it had that wobble (even in the replacement motor).

                                200A is enough to run 045 dual shield but on the bottom-middle end of it's useful range. I think the "optimum" is approx 250A, but at it's very lowest, it can be made to run as low as 150A or so. 150A-205A = low end, 205A-250A = mid range, 250-300A = top end, IMO. 035 dual shield is definitely a much better choice for a 200A class machine, IMO.

                                Luckily my current welders have synergic "autoset" curves for all kinds of wire, including dual shield in 035 and 045 diameters, and they're pretty much right on the money (for a T-joint, just like the chart suggestions are for non "autoset" welders). Other joint configurations always require tweaking.
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