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220 AC/DC Spool gun options?

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  • 220 AC/DC Spool gun options?

    I have a new Multimatic 220 AC/DC and really like it so far. Currently have a job that requires some aluminum GMAW as well as GTAW. The TIG has been going great so far. Time to get some spool gun work done so I have an existing Spoolmatic 30A from an older machine
    It was suggested by a local rep that I needed and interface box (WC-24) to run this run on the machine, so picked one up and have it all hooked up. The power (+) from the gun hooked up the where the stock MIG gun attaches to the drive roll, the gas hooked direct to the bottle with a flowmeter and the Amphenol connector running through the WC-24 into the port in the front of the welder
    I get gas flow but the drive rolls on the Spoolmatic won’t turn, and the contact tip isn’t getting current. I’ve selected the MIG aluminum process in the menu and tried auto-set on and off. Nadda

    So my options for running spool guns off this machine are only the Spoolmate 100 and 150 direct connect? Or am I missing an adaptor of some sort beside the WC-24 to run a Spoolmatic 15 or 30?

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    I think the drive motor voltage is wrong. Thats why just those 2 guns are recommended. ...Bob
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    Direct hook up
    Bob Wright


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      Looking at the wiring diagram in the manual, the 14-pin remote socket doesn't provide power to the WC-24. I believe the WC-115 would do what you want instead of the WC-24. The WC-115 pulls power from a 115V household outlet, and has the internal relay that connects pins A and B on the 14-pin remote. However, please talk with a Miller tech regarding how the contact closure works in that mig mode. You could probably check to see if your pedal triggers the machine through the 14-pin remote socket, but.i would definitely recommend calling Miller before buying anything else. That machine may be too intelligent and go to error if the Spoolgun controls and motor current don't go through the 4-pin socket for the mig guns.
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        Got it working today! You can use the Spoolmatic by replacing the 10 pin Amphenol connector with a 4 pin and not using the 14 pin connection on the front of the machine at all
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          Nice! That sounds so much easier and cheaper! Thinking about it, you're probably missing a little top end speed from the Spoolgun motor, but you're probably not needing 750+ ipm for the multimatic.


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            The 30A is a better gun anyway. Good show.