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    I am not as ancient as you Franz, but am blessed with my grandmother still kicking. She is circa 1936 and got to see me before her 39th birthday. Family is Roman Catholic that were driven from Ireland during the famine. "Take the roof off" is a real thing.

    Crazy thing is, we didn't get along with the Italians in Southie, yet the family is a mix, and even I have trouble pronouncing their names. Grew up with a mum who was the second of seven, dad is oldest of eight. No wonder I had four offspring, which is uncommon today. I have been blessed with awesome ones. I remember being in a grocery store and they took up more room than food in the basket...little old lady said "how are they so well behaved", and she looked at me funny when I said "we ate the oldest one first".
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      So you're the guy that started that child eating a sightly strange political group is now pushing.

      Not to be critical, but you could have sold that kid for good money on the open market and eaten fine Angus for months.

      Grew up in an eyetalian neighborhood till 5, spoke real good eyetalian too before I spoke English. THAT alone was a large part of getting out of the city. Old man found a town where Italians were so far down the social scale they needed ladders to get up to their porch. Found out later there was an Italian POW Camp a few miles from town, and farmers could rent the POWs for labor. Things bein what they were, mostly no American boys around, them POW fellows sort of filled in and well things sort of happened.


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        Originally posted by Forced_Firebird View Post

        He was simply knocked unconscious, not dead lol. I wouldn't remember the invention of CPR, seeing I am a sapling compared to you, but I was 4 when Reagan was inaugurated, that memory is clear "how can an actor be president?!?!?". The Challenger explosion, Micheal Jackson's hair setting fire, and break dancing on cardboard at recess is very clear.
        WOW i remember all that also. I just found my 10 mm socket thats been missing for awhile. And my industrial Singer's sew 492 mph, way too fast for me...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Keep digging Bob, maybe you can find some of my sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and other iron objects that evaporated.

          I recall the day that beak dancing near got me killed one afternoon. Camille from Fun Time Balloons had her boy floppin around in the parking lot as I pulled in. Saw that poor kid with 10 adults standing around and I locked the brakes up on the coach, grabbed the phone and called 911. How in #e11 was I supposed to know the kid wasn't having some sort of epileptic event. Camille was on me like a pit bull as I attempted to get a plastic spoon handle between the kid's teeth. Them medic people and Rayon's Union Brothers were not in a good mood either.