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hobart iroman 230 impressions

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  • hobart iroman 230 impressions

    alright, ive had my ironman 230 for about a month now. had a hard time deciding between it and the lincoln 256mp, decided on the hobart for the simplicity and less things to go wrong over time. but even after purchase i felt i was taking a step backwards due to the simple design, tapped voltage and no creature comforts ect... but after have done a few jobs with it, the more i use it the more i like it. has a very very nice arc, the stepped voltage had me worried at first. but its not like the older stepped voltage machines ive run in the past that have noticable gaps between the steps. each one flows well into each other and is almost impossible to tell its a tapped machine. the fan is very quiet and moves alot of air, vs some newer machines that wouldnt blow a mouse fart away. seems to be well built other that the wheels and the mig gun. i will see how the m-25 gun stands up but it does feel chinsy and the rubber feels like it will get stiff when cold. the drive system is typical miller, uses all the same consumables which is nice. cant wait to put it through its paces and see what its made of. im very impressed like i said and would recomened one in a heart beat.

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    If that's what you got, I'd say your shining.


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      Thanks for taking the time to post up your review. I’m sure it will come as valuable to folks searching the inter web for info on that machine.

      Do you have plans to get the spool gun for it? I haven’t heard much about it but what I have heard has not been great. Mostly shielding gas issues. So if you go that route, report back!


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        I've had a Hobart 190 for several years and put miles of wire through it - no complaints here. I once accidentally pulled the trigger lead out, low and behold, Miller parts were a direct fit!
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