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Miller 302 trailblazer won't go into stick-hot mode

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  • Miller 302 trailblazer won't go into stick-hot mode

    I have a Trailblazer 302 I bought, had a broken crankshaft when I got it so replaced the engine
    For a long time it had no weld output whatsoever, so it sat, then my buddy had his identical unit apart so I gave him my power board to test, it worked perfectly
    Last week I bought a Syncrowave 250DX, and thought, what the heck, lets plug in the TIG torch and see what happens.. It works just fine when the pedal turns it on, but I don't seem to have any heat control via the pedal, and it's still not idling down.. So it seems there's something goofy in the control board (Assembly 229660A)
    I've taken an ohm meter to the selector switch in all positions and it's working correctly

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Broke a crank huh? Since you had it apart did you OHM out the rotor? This machines (fixed now) had a harmonic balance that at a fixed weld temperature the crank and rotor would osculate at freq and snap the crank and rub the rotor. The rotor reads 3.2 and 30.2. That's where I'd start.