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  • Quality Chinee made tooling

    Now this guy is NOT going to be a candidate for worker of the week, just based on the way he sticks his finger in the machine to get the pin in, but he does have some valid points.
    I doubt the contraption could shear to manufacturer specs even if it was bolted to a good concrete floor, and the handle is sure special.

    The vendor demanding he take down the video if he wants a refund is special too.

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    Wow is that a piece of ****. I had an angle shear bolted to a 2x6 that would cut that...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I agree the advertised capacity was grossly misunderstood, and I can appreciate buddies frustration with that being the case. Common mistake. That's the size of bar that fits in the opening.
      Buddy's assumption that capacity was Carbon Steel cutting thickness being represented. I wonder how a chunk of aluminum would have faired? I'm sure it's in the fine print some where?


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        Current specs:
        4" x 5/16"
        2-3/8" x 1/4"
        * specifications subject to change without notice
        That is flat,angle,plate,, round and square respectively.

        Also says this elsewhere on their site for that machine:
        • 5/8" solid round and square mild steel shearing capacity.
        • 4" x 3/8" flat bar mild steel shearing capacity.
        • 2" x 1/8" angle shearing capacity.
        They may well have revised their specs in the past few years.

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          Spec sheet is confirmed to have been revised since the video came out. Specs he bought from are shown in the video.

          I own an angle shear that will do 2x2 ¼ all day, as long as the blades are kept tight. Also own a bench mount rod shear that goes 1/16 thru 3/8.

          Both cut well, angle does distort a bit on one flange. It's acceptable to the use..

          One thing I learner L O N G ago, shears work only to capacity, and if you don't know how to use the tool leave it alone.
          Learn how to replace blades cause you're going to.


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            I have one of those chicom metal brakes. It states it will bend 3' of .110 thick metal. I really doubt it will but its nice for auto panels...Bob
            Bob Wright


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              My finger brake & roller are both USA made Long LONG ago. Fortunately I scored both in auctions very reasonably and had some extra fingers made in a MT training academy. It still baffles me how somebody lost the entire box of fingers in that sale.
              If I need bigger capacity it's 3 miles away. 8 foot brake sitting in a body shop, owner has no idea why his dad bought it, but it ain't leaving and I have use rights.

              Now if I could just find somebody in desperate need of a brake & clutch riveter with arc grinder I could stick something more useful where that sits.


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                Chinesium junk.