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    I am having a problem with my Syncrowave 351 that I purchased new in 1995. Serial number KF849482. I began having intermittent problems with amperage. When pressing the pedal, I would get full amperage with just a touch when TIG welding. I changed the micro switch and the potentiometer in the pedal but that didn't seem to fix the problem right away. Eventually it starting working normally again but all of a sudden the problem has returned. When welding Aluminum square tube with a 1/8" wall, just touching the pedal will blow a 7/16" diameter hole in the metal. My local welding supply houses have no idea what the problem may be and can't even suggest anyone who is knowledgeable about these older machines. Can anyone help me ? It's been a great machine.

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    Hall device? Seems like I've heard that mentioned in discussions of similar problems. Maybe someone who knows more will weigh in?