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Miller Pipepro 400 with Arc Reach compared to the Pro 400 Arc reach

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  • Miller Pipepro 400 with Arc Reach compared to the Pro 400 Arc reach

    Really not much difference, other than the $3K +. The Mit is a ok engine, though not much oomf and generally refuses to start in the winter due to the placement of the digital governor. ( i put a heat pad behind the white panel to which it is mounted). The Cat Turbo, takes a while to wind up, so customers leave the machine in high idle, Another problem is the magnetic pick up so that its computer can sense RPM. Magnets tend to pick up magnetic particles then the the machine isn't working at all..

    So what I've been doing is getting guys to only buy the Pro 400 with Arc Reach and the Kubota. With The Kub, the machines will load out to 400 amps. With the Mit 365 amps is it. The Mit also has a much lower OCV than the Kub. Arc Reach has the desired RMD. And the feeders are pretty fancy.

    So moral to the story, if your after a new machine , save your money and get the Pro 400, Kubota, and Arc Reach.

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    Thanks for the update. I am after a new engine drive, but I think those machines are out of my league. I’m looking more in the trailblazer or bobcat range. I also see Lincoln has a fancy new machine out. Looks boxy on the face with a big digital display. I’m generally hesitant of the new stuff.

    Any wisdom in the class of machine I’m looking at?


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      Trailblazer is superior to Bobcat in small engine drive primarily due to the divorced generator/welder configuration.
      Diesel/gas is a function of how many hours you'll spin the machine in a year.
      3600rpm machines are 3600rpm so they could be manufactured to a price point, not because they are better.

      Red ain't what it was 30 years ago. Choice of color is pretty much a matter of where you can make the best deal on Dollars.