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Elements help to improve TIG Welding?

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  • Elements help to improve TIG Welding?

    What are the elements that helps to improve TIG Welding?

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    Google, youtube, read books, a buddy with a shop so you can watch, school like the one for this report.
    Bob Wright

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      Practice, patience, get comfortable.


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        Originally posted by monu View Post
        What are the elements that helps to improve TIG Welding?
        Communication. The most important element in any conversation.

        I googled the name, rather the word, "monu". Call me curious?

        Island, island of the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
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        I had an acquaintance I used to work with named Darren. Darren never called unless he needed something. And when he didn't need something, he was gone to the wind. One day he called again looking for a favor.

        Now just to be clear, I had done many small welding jobs for him over the years, all of them,without charge. Friends helping friends help friends. I'd offered advice, explanation and answers over the many years, as well lent him money when he was down and out broke, that he had made no effort to acknowledge or placed effort on repayment when times got better.

        On that day when he called, admittedly I was in a mood. Takes a lot to upset me, but when my efforts to communicate my lack of interest to solving his problem due to dealing with my own failed, ("it would just take a minute to weld") were met with his deaf ears I lost it.
        He called out of the blue yonder asking me to drop what I'm doing to solve his silly problem... I told him to go f @*k himself. That was three years ago. I don't miss him a bit.

        Now I don't know if your question is for self interest and betterment, a homework assignment, or just an exercise to get those willing to help be helpful? To me it almost doesn't matter. Almost being the key word.

        You've told us nothing about yourself, interests, or need in asking the questions you've asked. Not that we haven't wondered? Think about that and ask yourself, why is communication an important element in improving GTAW?

        Now maybe if you said you were in Fiji, data charges were expensive, reception poor, your typing into a crap cell phone, ESL issues and you have a question, responses might be different, mine would be.
        That would be communicating. You haven't. Instead your behaving like Darren. Don't be a Darren.


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            Darren reminds me of a fellow I've known for years.

            He has a 2 story shed/barn in his back yard he built 2 story to endrun zoning rules on sheds. When he moved he wanted to take the shed for several reasons. He also has a lot of those dangerous gun things, and was the Police Dept mechanic.
            Shed is 12x12, what's the big deal? Well one guy wants to cut thetop and another guy wants to ~~~ Ride from old house to new with a pole checking for overhead obstructions. None= fine go get the overwidth Permit. We don't need no steenkin permit, we'll just use 2 cop cars on Sunday morning.

            Roll the trailer to the front to start jacking up and WE learn the mechanic put 16 anchor bolts in the slab and drilled the plates 1/32 over. Sawzall time. Got it loaded and tied to the trailer and pulled into the front yard.
            Sunday comes, hook up, 20 minute ride at 10mph with cops & flashing lights and coffee and I put the shed right over his new slab. You know how it went up, let it down the opposite way, call me when the trailer is out & I'll pick it up.

            Few other favors over the years, and one day I learn he owes me about $700- for services he charged to one of my accounts over a few years. I mention it and he tells me to send a bill and if his wife agrees they'll send me a check. NO, I ain't billing and dealing with that paperwork with Tax agencies, just pay me. I hear how he couldn't sleep at night if he owed me money, how he values our friendship, he has a lot of irons in the fire since he retired ~~~~~ but I don't see money. Few months later I call him at 3 in the morning and listen to his displeasure about calling when he was sleeping. I am shocked to learn he can owe me and sleep, contrary to his story.
            Since I didn't see the 700 by end of year I filed a 1099 for the unpaid debt with IRS.
            He ain't speaking to me any more. His brother who does taxes as a business tells me he is very unhappy with the multiyear audit and tax liability.

            You can drive a tack with a sledge hammer, and about every 10 years you gotta! Word gets around and people pay what they owe.


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              45 Deg. angle don't forget to add rod. That said now do at least 1000 hrs. of practice mixed with watching Utube


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                You absolutely gotta get yourself a hunk of high temp wire and hose protector sleeving, fold it twice and run a few stitched in the bundle so you can keep yer finger from cooking.
                If you don't know how to fold you can pay some guy who peddles the finner protector or your finner will look like one of Noel's hotdogs.


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                  Practice would be #1.
                  cleanliness is inportant especially with aluminum. With mild steel it has to be shiny, no mill scale within a 1/2" of your weld.
                  Atleast a #8 cup and gas lens. Bigger for stainless
                  Flex head or even better a flex-loc from ck worldwide. Fixed heads belong in the garbage.

                  Miller Trailblazer 325 efi
                  Miller extreme 12vs
                  Thermal arc 186 ac/dc
                  Lincoln power wave 455m/stt with 10m dual feeder


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                    Thank you for sharing your valuable replies.


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                      Originally posted by monu View Post
                      Thank you for sharing your valuable replies.
                      That's it eh? No pictures, no explanation, no excuse or back story?
                      Maybe it's me but I have better things to do with my time and officially declare I will no longer reply to your posts. You and Darren share the title of banished from my circle of sharing knowledge.
                      Harsh as it sounds, stay stupid. If you can't be bothered, won't be bothered, neither will I be bothered to try and help the condition.


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                        Just sit back and envision how happy he's gonna be when he graduates from the ripoff fake welding school he got over on by sucking a bunch of guys on the Inturdnet to do all his homework. Eventually he'll get a job as a shipping clerk or maybe a package delivery truck wrangler so he can pay his Student Loans For an education he didn't get from another hustler who enjoyed the tuition he paid. In just a few years he'll be able to secure uncompensated employment as a Moderator of a WeldDUNG forum cause he can't compete with the $30 an hour robot.


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                          Good thing we have you two. What would the world do without you two to “help” and belittle people you don’t even know. I hope it makes you feel better about yourselves. You guys are so smart.

                          Once again, we wonder why this forum is sliding into irrelevance.


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                            Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                            Good thing we have you two. What would the world do without you two to “help” and belittle people you don’t even know. I hope it makes you feel better about yourselves. You guys are so smart.

                            Once again, we wonder why this forum is sliding into irrelevance.


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                              So what happens now ref? 4 minutes for high sticking? Or is this a game misconduct? I asked a few question and what did I get for response? Wah, wah, wah, cry me a river.