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Looking for a Reactor for a Miller AEAD 200LE s/n CN60082

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  • Looking for a Reactor for a Miller AEAD 200LE s/n CN60082

    I have an old Miller AEAD 200LE AC/DC Welder Generator that runs well but does not regulate the amperage output. The leads from the various amp range ports have continuity to all leads so i believe it is shorted. If a member could help me find a replacement that would be greatly appreciated.

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    These pictures may help. One is the welder with cover removed and the other is the reactor I'm looking for.


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      Couldn't find a manual for that serial number--they are all either just numbers, or start at HDxxxxxx, so I picked one at random. If you are using a standard ohmmeter, I would expect to find the continuity between the current taps on the reactor that you are seeing. It is pretty heavy wire, and the DC resistance between taps should be very low. If you have a very precise ohmmeter, you might see some differences, but I would think a lot of ohmmeters would just show continuity. The reactor works on inductive reactance, not resistance. So, you really can't make a "bad reactor" call just from that.

      However, I think you are saying that when you set the fine current control at some arbitrary setting, and then move your "coarse current" lead around the various taps, you get no change in weld current? That would certainly lead to the "bad reactor" diagnosis. and in your picture, the left side of it looks like it might have gotten pretty toasty somewhere along the line.

      Sure hope someone has one of those old machines lying around you can get a reactor from. Where are you located?