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Using water submersion to keep work cool/straight.

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    I'm chill, you're the one making jabs.

    Good for you, we could talk about it but why bother.

    Why not talk about something productive.
    if there's a welder, there's a way


    • #77 explain your argon welding room. My interest is peaked.

      If you tell me about your doohickey, I’ll tell you about my doohickey....and I did get a new doohickey.


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        A new doohickey.

        An argon room is essentially a sealed room where you pump in argon, then when you go to weld you wear an oxygen tank and all that, kind of like going diving in an oxygen deprived room.

        Apparently that's how they do Titanium most times, or at least high quality work, done in either an argon box or a room, depending on the size of the piece.

        if there's a welder, there's a way


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          Oli you got some BIG dangerous misperceptions about Argon filled vessels. Make sure you have a good escape system and use it when you get the blinding headache. Have somebody who likes you standing by to winch you out when you begin puking and get the Oxygen hose near your nose.

          Beyond that ain't much I can do for you, I'm busy trying to get my JennAir cutting/grinding/BBQ grill working before snow sets in.


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            Ah. Sounds dangerous. I’m in.

            Getting into some titanium welding are ya?


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              I didn't think it was that complicated, I imagined it to be kind of like scuba diving, no?


              I think it would be fun, no titanium for me, I just think it would be cool to have.
              if there's a welder, there's a way


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                My relationship with Argon atmosphere vessels is primarily in the area of heat treating vessels. That said even when the vessel is cold and "empty" of Argon procedure for entering the vessel is about 12 hours of testing/securing/locking off and installing absolute prevention plugs as well as opening just in case everything else fails vents. Then there are negative pressure mandates for the vessel.
                I know of 3 corpses hauled out of Eastman Kodak heat treat tanks because they went in without following procedure. Those vessels scare me sufficiently to stand back from them.

                I have been told a total Argon atmosphere can and will withdraw Oxygen from your body thru the skin even if you're wearing SCBA. I don't know and I ain't looking to find out.

                I have seen men experience both Argon headaches and Argon caused puking around Heliarc. In both cases the idiot was the only one in the area experiencing any symptoms. The idiot was also a known Pothead. It may have been hypersensitivity caused by Pot, or the idiot may have been deliberately sniffing Argon.

                Argon glove boxes are a different matter. Close resemblance is to a media blasting glove box. Bud of mine has a Laser welder for his jewelry business that has a containment glove box of about 1 cf at atmosphere. The object of the game with certain metals is 100% purge and fill with Argon. Air in the box does affect the weld similarly to air in a jet aircraft tire. He was closing the box with as much of the session's work as was convenient and purging conventionally. Adding a small vacuum pump resulted in better work and less gas used.

                Argon definitely ain't a toy to experiment with.


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                  Wow, seems like it's not as simple as I thought.
                  if there's a welder, there's a way


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                    It's as simple as you thought. One large box and plenty of tape. Instant purge room.


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                      Any IDLH atmosphere can be overcome with proper PPE and equipment.

                      But it would be way more fun to stick you in there without it. “Nah, Oli, it’ll be fine....”

                      ...door slams shut....


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                        I'm fairly sure I would do just fine breathing Argon.

                        Being a descendant of Thor and all.


                        I would do the best and last weld of my life.
                        if there's a welder, there's a way


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                          And your best will still probably look like Ray Charles layed that bead....Thor.

                          But I think you’re on to something. We can make this happen, I’m certain of it. But knowing my luck, we’d run out of argon and you’d just end up with the giggles of something silly.


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                            It probably wouldn't even look that good.

                            I think you'r right, it probably takes a LOT of argon to keep a room like that going, no matter how well you seal it.
                            if there's a welder, there's a way


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                              Originally posted by Fix Until Broke View Post
                              This is probably 2nd nature to many of you seasoned veterans, but this rookie found it interesting (and it's on topic!)

                              Found another good video on distortion - I liked the approach to measuring/viewing the distortion used.