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  • Dynasty 700 Help 41

    We do a lot of electronic repair so when our Dynasty 700 started throwing Help 41 as soon as you draw current (HF start is enough to cause the error) of course the first thing we did was take it apart. And yes, we have been repairing 480 volt 3 phase frequency converters for 10 years so we generally know our way around high voltage, though we also know that every piece of equipment has a huge learning curve.
    So help 41 means the top board on the right side, input converter/auto line and whatever else it does. The only thing visually you can see is that the 39K 25w? resistor in the center of the board has been running a bit hot compared to the bottom board as the ceramic coating is a bit cracked. Nothing else at all burned or smoked. The resistor measures correctly.
    So on to test the modules, a mystery white block. Well the one on the left measures as diodes or stacked diodes in various directions on the power terminals where the one on the right measures open circuit. No shorts between any terminals which is good and probably why I find no evidence of smoke or plastic shrapnel. Does anybody have a test procedure for the module? I'm assuming the one on the right is bad but the question is what about the one on the left? Are they supposed to be replaced in pairs? Is there a binning (current sorting) letter or number as part of the serial number so you can be sure you have a matched set if necessary?
    What other components should be checked? We could check the capacitors with our capacitance checker, though we can't measure ESR.
    Since the module is open rather than shorted, I think I'm a lot safer to replace the module with minimal further checks, but then again, parts are rather expensive as things go.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Hoping one of the Miller techs with access to tech data will see this and be able to help. Not enough info in the owner manual to be much help.