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Looking for Manual / Airco Busybee Model 1341-0274

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  • Looking for Manual / Airco Busybee Model 1341-0274

    I acquired an older Airco Busybee stick welder. It is not stricking an arc, so I'm trying to troubleshoot it. I don't have a manual of that unit, but I've heard that Miller may have manuals for some of the Airco units or a manual for an equivalent Miller model. Any help is appreciated.

    Stock - 1341-0274
    SN - 66683
    Date Code - 072481
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    Best to give a call to Miller tech support tomorrow. 920-734-9821 or 1-800-4AMILLER. Ask for tech support, give them your info, and they will be able to tell you if they made your machine. If so, they will generally email you a manual for free, or send you a hard copy for $15. If they didn't make it, they may be able to guide you to who did. Usually very helpful people there.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	AC_DC BusyBee3.jpg
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ID:	601542 Here is a page from an old Airco catalog.
      These units are almost bullet proof.

      I would open it up and give it a good cleaning if you haven't already done so.

      As Aeronca41 mentioned, Miller Tech Support is great.

      Look on the back of the Busybee for the serial number as this helps Miller.
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        Cool picture! You must have some great old catalogs, burnt hands.

        Did you try welding on both AC and DC? If the problem is on DC, it is most likely a bad diode, about the only thing in there that ever goes bad, and that's not very often. If it doesn't work on either, I'm sure you're going to find it's just a bad connection somewhere. It's possible the transformer is bad, but it's also possible it's going to snow in Miami this winter.....The diodes and the transformer are about the only parts in there. As BH stated, virtually bulletproof.


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          Thanks for the input. I have tried both DC and AC with 3-4 different electrodes. I had another welder friend who put me in touch with a local guy who repairs welding machines on the side. He offered to take a look at it for me, so I'm going to take him up on that. In addition, I'll contact Miller support to see if I can hunt down a manual. It sounds like this unit is worth the effort to get running. Thanks aggain!