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  • Generates no power

    I have a D302K 3+12 generator/welder that puts out no power. it displays the code hlp 22 even when its started cold. I've checked the fuses and breakers, they are all good.

    Any help would be much appreciated !

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    Call the 800 number for Globalgiantmegasuperconglomorate and ask the EEOC point interface human what's wrong.


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      Nevermind Franz - he's being grumpy today instead of helpful...

      If you can find the serial number of your unit, type that in the below website and you can get a user/service manual for the machine which will have some basic troubleshooting steps in it for you to try.

      If that doesn't work, stop back with what you've learned and we'll see if we can help you out.

      Good Luck!


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        Originally posted by Fix Until Broke View Post

        If that doesn't work, stop back with what you've learned and we'll see if we can help you out.

        Good Luck!
        I guess that's the thing. I don't think Franz is being grumpy as much as one poster is being lazy? If he had spent any time researching, doing a bit of reading at all up on the subject, he'd know to include such information as a serial number or where to find it, it being a manual for troubleshooting and Free download.

        Instead... I got a problem, I want free answers quick and easy. Sign me up.
        Like saying give it a little tack weld. How hard is that to accomplish?

        Well it doesn't make power. Was that welding power or aux. power? Good question? I think Franz was right, call the office, find a fixer of welders, take it there and problem solved. But it seems buddy want someone to say it's this or that. Maybe they will?

        I think however he's going to have to make some tough choices on his patience, electrical diagnostic capabilities, money he's willing to spend and the time available to figure it out. Sounds harsh, but it's realistic. 800 numbers don't cost money, operators are standing by? I'd be making that call first. But that's me, and seemingly Franz hold some agreement to such thinking although I don't assume to speak for him on these or any other matters.


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          So give us some details--as Noel said, serial number, what works, what doesn't, etc. Do you have the manual?


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            I started with a service manual for this particular machine with the serial number LF060498 and
            I did as much research as i could before I posted.
            I am just trying to help a good friend!
            It generates no welder power or generator power. it's used as a generator for a man lift (tree service)
            code hlp 22 states rectifier over heated. we pulled all the sheet metal and cleaned the entire machine.
            there was no problem with the cooling system (no leaks and clean as a whistle). as before, the fuse and breakers
            test good.
            Any HELP ideas would be much appreciated !


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              And Welcome to the forum.
              22: Indicates the rectifier heat sink has overheated. If this display is shown, check generator cooling system and/or reduce duty cycle. This is all i know...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                Without knowing the history of this machine (assuming it was running well, then this error?) - my best guess is to look on page 67 (Page 71 of 76 in the .pdf). There is a NTC thermistor (Item 7) that presumably monitors the temperature of the rectifier heat sink.

                Being an NTC thermistor (Negative Temperature Coefficient), it's resistance goes down as temperature goes up. It specs that it should have 30k ohms at 25C

                Might be worth checking that out to see if maybe the thermistor has failed/is failing causing this issue.

                Good luck - let us know what you find!