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    For those inept among us...

    Originally posted by
    ..... In Socratic teaching we focus on giving students questions, not answers. We model an inquiring, probing mind by continually probing into the subject with questions......

    Well, did I just look in the mirror or what? They got a name for that... and I didn't know? Ok...I'm raising my hand up, I'm among you.


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      Originally posted by Franz© View Post
      FUB what we have here is an intergenerational communication failure based on American Standard English atop an unrealistic expectation by you.

      What time and where will we be getting together to listen to recordings of Pete Seeger and others of his ilk?

      CumByYa and all that happy crap.

      We can agree to disagree - I'm good with that...

      Still waiting for an answer to my question, or are you going to claim you're being all Socratic by not answering .

      I'm a firm believer in Socratic teaching - always have been - but there's a big difference between that and "go fly a kite and figure it out yourself"


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        I have not been on this forum as long as some of you, but I’ve been more active than most. That’s because I’m interested. I like this stuff and I think I can offer others a hand once in a while. After all, it’s my job to help people.

        When I posted my first question, it had zero to do with welding outside of getting a drum switch to reverse properly on a big fan to help clear welding smoke out of my shop. And I looked around at A LOT of forums deciding where best to post my question. It wasn’t an electric motor forum or a shop tool forum, it was a welding forum. It was here because of the people that post and the way they treated others.

        I got a lot of help. We got the switch wired up correctly and I greatly appreciated those that chimed to help me. Ive has many other problems solved here as well, some welding or machine issues, others not.

        If I had to do that today, no way would I have posted here. Not a chance in ****. People come looking for help with problems, not more questions. A bit of banter is fun, like me and Olivero. But this know it all jazz and one-upping is counter productive unless it’s self serving, then it’s only productive for one. We wonder why the forum is slowly ebbing into irrelevance....

        We have guys here that can help you with almost anything. Experts in this field and many others. And I have made some friends from this group. This has been bunch of guys that are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience for the betterment of someone, whom they’ll almost certainly never meet, for free. Even our resident know it all and one upper have something to offer from time to time when they can get off their high horses. Nobody here is your son or your student.

        There are guys that don’t chime in very often, and when they do, you pay attention because what they’re about to offer is valuable. We also have the inverse of that, to which I’m doing better of steering clear of....thanks for the kick in the pants on that OGD.

        To Bob’s original intent, those people that have helped me and many others (many more than I’ve helped), those that I wish would come around again or more often, they know who they are. I have no doubt that they’re doing the same thing they used to do here, only somewhere else. Be it another forum or in the flesh, it’s just the kind of people they are.

        Hope my English was good enough, even though I didn’t quote any books from the 1920s.


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          It's demographics. Time passing and the change that comes with it.
          People change. The internet has changed. Welding has changed. So has the forum. It's not alone or the only one to feel the shifting of time.

          I came on board and holy smokes, didn't I upset the apple cart? It wasn't a friendly sand box to play in. But I'm still playing.

          There was a time when it was acceptable to spank your kids. Now we give them a time out. You didn't question authority and trusted that authority on their word. That's changed to.

          When S#$T hits the fan.


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            I've been on this forum forever.
            It has had a few low points for different reasons.
            I've gotten busy and went away a few times.
            We have had people who posted tons and then for whatever reason faded out. Many times their feelings got hurt.
            My gripe is simply that virtually every thread we start lately goes off the rails on some random subject for pages.
            I am a small business owner that makes my living from welding. I like to start my day reading about welding. But lately it is very very difficult to make it worth doing here on this forum.
            I haven't been able to help anyone for quite sometime either. Once someone posts a question it turns into nine different things.
            All that said this place has had a reputation for drama from time to time. Some drama is great to read and makes me check back often. Our drama lately is horribly boring and just plain sad IMO.
            If you read back through my posts you will see I have taken some heat a few times for maybe being a bit to direct with my opinions.
            Some people like that. I always used to hang with the old guys in a shop. Later I hired them. Now I am one.
            When it gets like this I simply read and say very little.
            As it stands I certainly would not recommend this forum to anyone wanting to learn anything about welding.
            There are far too many sources of information out there.... even on Miller's site.
            We are destined to fade away slowly IMO, unless we pull it together.
            We need to promote the product and help folks learn, and learn ourselves.
            I've always said, "If you learn something from a person that's dumber than you... it's pretty much rock solid."
            We can all learn from each other as long as we can be civil and not condescending. I have friends who are much smarter than me. They put up with my crap. I get my feathers ruffled. I get over it. Life goes on

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            Miller Bobcat 225 NT (what I began my present Biz with!)
            Miller 30-A Spoolgun
            Miller WC-115-A
            Miller Spectrum 300
            Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
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              Say FK, as a professional boat bottom holefixer, what's your view on HDPE sheeting over the aluminum hull plates?

              Oe vendor site I was looking at claims the HDPE is easily formable with heat guns, but I wonder how they define easily. I also wonder what they do with the excess material from bending a corner. HDPE ain't exactly unshrunk Dacron like Airknocker is nailing on his plane.


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                Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
                get over it. Life goes on
                Words to live by.

                I just like to start my day reading. Usually the news. About four online papers around the globe to see what the world has been doing as it turns. Then troll the few forums I like, to catch up on peoples troubles. People have troubles. Nothing changes that way.
                Think it's slow here, I can mention one that is seemingly dead with activity. But every now an again, someone has a trouble they share.

                It seems peoples expectation are changing on how to best deal with the problems. While they all want quick cheap internet relief, " it's the work that we avoid when we are all self employed, I like to work at nothing all day" (Credit BTO for that lyric, sorry for the tangent), it seems to me that the response can vary from the varied demographics of the crowd reading and willing to respond in reply with what they bring to the table with experience and knowledge. Some more some less, some specific and some more broad.
                Say all you want about membership, I say it's 7.

                Weather has been really crappy lately. If I had cable TV, I would be posting less. I ask myself, self...don't you have something better to do?

                I could take or leave the leaving of comments truth be told. Heck...if you recall I was banned from the UK site. Offended someone it seems? I still drop in every day to read people's troubles, advice given and the comments. Sometimes I arm chair it and verbally tell them what I think.
                While I hold pretty strong opinions... even shared a few of them, I remind myself how lucky a guy is to communicate.

                Speaking of nine different things. The more people at the meeting the more that's getting said. Just the way it work it seems. I've sat in a few that had me thinking what a waste of time. On occasion however a jewel is spoken. Maybe a bit of knowledge or advice, or just a little something of trivial interest? I'm thinking here of the silent voices. Members who like to read.

                I'd hate to think I'm bringing to much controversy for this crowd to handle. Cause I'm not, it's a tough crowd. But I've brought out the drama? Lol. The diversity of opinions. And the stuff I've learned in the process of reading them.
                I also know I've helped a few so I think overall, I'm calling it a balance?

                If a fella thinks much about it, which I don't...some of it is genetics and species survival. I'm just saying...doesn't matter if your a moose chased by a pack of wolves or an unproven new hire in a tight job market, skill and knowledge passed down by older more experience moose on how to keep the wolves at bay or how things work in the organization, it's the key to survival.

                So this forum, that forum...people gather in groups to talk. Some to listen. Sometimes I'm moved to talk, and sometimes I just listen. Now and again I like to stir the pot, get corrected, and learn something new.Along with many others.

                Tellurium. Something about Tellurium comes to mind?

                I'm beginning to think welding is so darn easy now it needs no explaining? And this forum will remain until the lights are turned off. Just curious, how many posts get a free welder?

                Time to go back to that Old Town Road and ride till I can't no more.