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Synchrowave 300 need help

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  • Synchrowave 300 need help

    I have recently purchased a synchrowave 300P serial#jb-560344 with pulse control 003-766, miller radiator I .
    The problem I'm having is not enough amps to start a puddle in low range and no adjustability in high range it goes right to highest setting, I am tig welding with a foot control AC aluminum.
    So no adjustability from pedal just on off switch and no adjustability at panel.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Steve--don't want you to feel ignored. Will take a look at diagrams and try to help when I get home this evening.


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      Finally got to look at the diagrams, and I fear I can't be much help. This is a relatively complex machine as welders go, with continuous pulse width modulation of the gates on the SCRs to control welding current, even when you're not using the pulser. I am not a welder repair guy, just an old Systems Engineer who tries to fix whatever's broke, and generally succeeds. However, I think you need someone with experience on this machine-there are probably common problems that a familiar person would know about. In my mind, could be the hall effect current sense device itself, the hall effect amplifier, or the main circuit card. Could also be associated with the pulse modules tied to the SCR gate terminals. If this were mine, I would start by looking at the SCR gating signals with an oscilloscope, and work backwards from there. However, without a diagram for the PC1 circuit board, I think this will be a difficult problem to solve for someone not familiar with the machine. A pretty good chunk of rather sophisticated electronics needs to be working to make this thing play. Not like some of the older, smaller machines.

      I would suggest you call Miller tech support and see if they can help you; they are generally very good about helping customers over the phone. They may (if you're lucky) say, "Oh, yeah, Sync 300--the ________ always fails on those and causes those symptoms."

      What's a little scary is I looked up the part numbers for PC1, the Hall Effect device/amplifier, and pulse modules FC1/FC2 on No hits on any of those part numbers--all appear to be obsolete. Miller may be able to give you updated part numbers--they often change the numbers later in the life of the machine, so be sure to ask about parts availability. The manual for your serial number machine is dated April 1981, but you probably already know that.

      Maybe a Miller tech with knowledge of this machine will see this thread and reply.
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        Thank you for taking time out of your day. I'm hoping someone who is familiar with these machines see's it and replies.
        Although you seem very knowledgeable concerning machine function.

        Thank you again Steve


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          You're very welcome, Steve. Just wish I could be more help.


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            I have discovered that my pulsar doesnt work also if that is relevant I dont know.


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              Interesting data point, but without having some visibility into the circuit card diagrams, not much to be gained from that. Could be any number of things.


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                I called the tech support and they referred me to a service company.


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                  I assume there are service companies to whom Miller has licensed tech manuals with board schematics—that’s what you need.