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Franz, who makes the best Jewish welding wieners

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    Originally posted by Franz© View Post
    I'd have scrapped the water and replaced it with chicken broth.
    Add about 2 cups of shaved leeks sweated in butter with the onions.

    Actually you're making sort of a small batch there, we load in a couple of them 2 quart boxes of broth when we do it up.
    Last step, oddly MY job so I can be blamed for any splashing is the Oster hand blender outboard motor.
    When I do it correctly the onions and leeks sit on the bottom as everything else gets properly homogenized and incorporated.

    What's left goes to the freezer, heavy plastic bag inserted into the broth box after the box gets washed out.
    Franz we never buy leaks, I'll make sure we get some this weekend. What are shaved leeks? How much of the stalk do you use and how do you clean the dirt out of them? How about adding leeks to chicken broth in a food processor, what consistency are looking for.?. Thanks


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      Leek 1.01 Fall Semester

      When buying if the store sells by weight, employ your knife to remove most of the green leaves and leave them at the store.
      Minimum diameter of the leek should be 1" or leave it in the store.

      Remove roots and base in the same manner as an onion. Remove outer layer.
      Place kitchen matches in your teeth head out from mouth.
      Shave leek as if it were an onion to produce slices no more than .060" thick.
      Stop slicing when slices display 80% green. Taste if in doubt.
      Additional leeks may require replacement of matches depending on how well you see through tears.
      Place slices in covered saute pan or deep heavy soup pan with butter and sweat covered leeks about 15 minutes over low heat so they don't caramelize..