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Millers by other names eg Canox

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  • Millers by other names eg Canox

    The Canox Sparkler 225AC is a Miller Thunderbolt 225AC, I know because I’ve had both identical units.
    However the Thunderbolt 225AC came in a number of different cabinets, some with top crank, most with horizontal crank. Some cabinets wee square while others had rounded top sides. The vent positions varied as well. Just curios, we’re they all made in the USA?
    what were the model series identifiers?

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    If you look around you'll find a few more machines with different tin folded around the same engine.

    CanOx may or may not have been affiliated with Air Liquide a number of years back, or may have been a stand alone.

    In the time frame Canada extracted quantities of coin from foreign manufacturers to import product into Canada, so a lot of manufacturers and distributors got in bed together to minimize Duty they had to pay.
    Machines may have gone across the border skinless, or complete declared as parts by merely leaving the cables off.

    The same game was played with Toyota pickups imported to the US as parts rather than pickups since the bed wasn't attached to the frame.

    Same game is still being played with giant tow trucks. Bodies and equipment are made in China and shipped to Canada in containers as parts.
    Us tow operators haul a bare chassi to Canada and leave it a few months until the body is installed and then drive the complete rig back to the US.
    Unless Customs catches them they save about $40,000 in tax and currency differential.


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      Powcon, Sears Craftsman and some Airco also...Bob
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      Bob Wright


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          Canox was Canadian Oxygen company. They sold many rebranded Miller made welders in Canada. Aklands also sold a lot of rebranded Miller welders that were painted orange in Canada.
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