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  • Cool water jet video

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    That was darn impressive.


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      Nice! Reminded me of watching one of those things cutting a 6” slab of titanium many years ago. Could not believe what I was seeing!


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        My ex-father-in-law was a Boeing engineer, he took me up to their fuselage shop and let me watch them cut some big ole hunks of titanium up with a water jet. It was really cool to see.


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          He says his water jet has a 50 HP motor and his shop has a 100 amp service, I guessing he must have 440 volt service yes? Another thing, after watching garnet go though steel, I'm wondering if it would do well in a blasting cabinet seeing water doesn't seem to effect it's ability to pass though small orifices,.or maybe one of those blaster accessories you put on a pressure washer, he's says he's paying $4.50 a bag for his garnet, depending on the size of his order..


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            I wouldn't be surprised if someone hasn't figured out a secondary stream for the waste to keep it from the land fill. Stuff has to go some where? If the risk of contamination isn't a concern, I couldn't see why it wouldn't work for blasting?


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              Garnet is harder than my head, ergo it's slightly harder than crushed recycled glass which is way cheaper in a blasting operation, and neither yields Silica on impact. Contrary to what salesmen tell customers neither Garnet or crushed glass are suitable for cost effective reuse.

              Garnet used in water jet cutting goes for a ride in a tumbler after crushing to get the sharp edges off because them nasty edges hurt the machinery passing thru. Rounded media for cleaning purposes sucks. You want round to get close to a polished surface such as in glass beads and plastic beads.
              Sharp corner Garnet and crushed glass are good cleaners, bot necessarily cost effective when compressed air and freight are added to the media.

              Regular city water is a very powerful blasting media. I've been up close & personal with a machine based in Montreal that rolls across a clapped out bridge deck on rails and leaves behind polished rebar and metal deck if it wasn't rotted. A pair of CAT engines drive the pumps that deliver water at above 40kpsi. At 15kpsi water will cut a man in half.

              There's actually a little science to blasting since Og crushed rocks to sand with his wheel back in the Pangea Ship Yard.


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                Franz, do you think a 3500 psi pressure washer using garnet has enough power to bast rims clean with a sandblasting accessory attached? Cost isn't a factor because their is not a lot of surface to be blasted.


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                  Tack I never been one bit impressed with them sand adders for pressure washers.

                  Kind of like them 3 in 1 machines sposta be a lathe, mill and whatever combining the worst of both worlds.

                  Biggest problem with all blasting regardless of media is people get in a big hurry with no experience and I'll guarantee nobody listens. I'm watching a beautiful 1840s landmark church here spall brick like you can't believe because the fools just had to "sandblast" it 20 years back. It could have been washed and still be in fine shape, but some contractor came along with sand and worked cheap.

                  Along the lines of hurry up and cry, everybody just has to run the highest pressure they can crank without any understanding of what they're doing or what it's costing.

                  Gray metal is a phrase engineers can spell, so it's what they spec without any knowledge of what it means.

                  When a blasting job is completed right, the metal substrate will accept and retain coating for a long time. Done halfazzed you'll find blisters
                  in months.

                  Rule #1, if Horrible Fright, Northern Hydtaulics, Blows or Homer Desperate sells it the tool/machine is JUNK.

                  Don't even crank me up on the misuse of temporary polimeric marine coating containing Phosphoric acid. I'd like to meet Mr OsPho and kick him in the shins. Perfect product for jackoffs.


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                    I had spalled brick on my chimney replaced back about 4 or 5 years ago, the chimney's cap cracked and allowed rain and snow moisture to reach the bricks, when freezing temps came, the moisture in the bricks froze and popped the glazed face of the bricks off.

                    Now I have the chimney spayed with a brick sealer every two years, The bricklayer used Portland cement to rebuild the new cap instead of lime based concrete, he said Portland cement would hold up better.