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  • Spoolmate 100 question

    I finally took the spoolmate 100 out of the box for my Miller 211. I like the gun however, it seems very stiff to insert a spool of wire and is very difficult to get out. Is there something I can adjust? I started with .030 wire(which is what I prefer and will use most) but I'd like to work with .035 just to get rid of some extra I have. Thanks!!

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    You will get used to it over time. Whats stiff the gun or the cable/hose. I found to pull some wire and push it thru the liner before flipping the spool and putting it on the hub. My hub was too big for some spools and i had to ream them to fit...Bob
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    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      The wire feeds fine, just trying to remove the spool so I can try .035 wire


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        I think Bob's on to it with the having to ream a bit on some spools. I've seem some ugly plastic flashing squeezed from the mold and left behind because it resembles a hole. Sounds like yours is a tight fit but it fit. I've also seen where the paper wrap was pushed in the hole, try backing that off after it mushrooms. You might try a couple of small holes drilled and a hook on the end of a larger stiffer wire to give you some pull. Beats breaking plastic.


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          I figured something out. There is a nut you can take off and a plastic bushing comes out where the center of the spool goes into the holder. It's still a bit stiff but much easier to take off and put on.


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            If it's not a home run it's still better. Congrats on the base hit.