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Where to Source XMT 304 Contactor Standoffs?

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  • Where to Source XMT 304 Contactor Standoffs?


    Does anyone know where to get the XMT304 Contactor Standoffs (part number 173763) that connect to the PC2 interconnect board? I cannot find anyone who sells them. They're aluminum male to female hex standoffs with 10-32 thread and body length of .855". The closest I have been able to find are the same thread with 7/8" or 3/8" body lengths. I was planning to buy the 3/8" standoffs, thread two together and use a locknut in between to get/keep the correct length. This is a bit hokey, but the only solution I think I have without a way to turn down a 7/8" standoff.
    Thank you,

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    My best guess is McMaster-Carr.

    Before I had access to a lathe, I’ve been known to “turn” things down with a drill motor and a grinder.


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      Dang, I used to get my rifle action pillars to fit with a drill motor and angle grinder, didn't even think about it for this. Thank you!

      Edit - the more I think about the .020" difference between standoffs and the flex in the sheet aluminum mounts for the buss capacitors and contactors, I should be good replacing all 8 contactor standoffs with the same height and tweaking the sheet aluminum to get everything flush and aligned.
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