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printed welding calculator wildly different from online one

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  • printed welding calculator wildly different from online one

    I have one of those laminated paper slide-rule type welding calculators from Miller. For TIGging a 3/16 aluminum fillet it wants 1/8 electrode, 1/8 filler rod, and 210 to 240 amps. If you go to the online welding calculator at

    it tells you 3/32 electrode, 3/32 filler and 150 to 180 amps. They say these calculators are to get you in the right ballpark, but these numbers aren't even in the same country IMO.

    (And no I don't have the inner card flipped.)

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    Back in the day, things worked differently. Some might say less efficiently. Welding machines have come along way and work more efficiently so you can get away with less.


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      The disclaimer is that the suggested settings are only suggestions. For 0.187" aluminum, you need still 1A for every 0.001" (as a general rule of thumb for metal thickness) + an additional 25-50% for the initial "hot-start". It all depends on the configuration of the joint, but I would definitely set for the higher end to get the puddle started quickly, in about 3 seconds or so. If you wait too long, the part will get heat-soaked quickly and the puddle/whole part gets squirmy from the heat saturation.
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