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Spectrum 875 blew up PM2

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  • Spectrum 875 blew up PM2

    I have a Spectrum 875 Autoline that has roached PM2 (inverter IGBT module). Blew the side out of it. The machine was used in an industrial setting on 460v. Probably pretty nasty power, outside, in the summer. It came to me with the amps maxed out and the switch on "gouge". Does anyone know of common collateral damage or probable causes when PM2 goes bang? I can probably work my way through troubleshooting the board, I have experience with inverter technology and power electronics, but step one is always asking folks who probably know more than me. I am also willing to purchase the any sort of tech manual that goes with it. I don't want to just slap a $350+ IGBT module on and burn it down.

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    I would call Miller first...Bob
    Bob Wright

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      I second it. You mentioned maxed amps and set to gouge? What does the working end of the torch look like? Did they try replacing consumables before you got the sweet deal?