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Miller Invision 354mp accessories

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  • Miller Invision 354mp accessories

    Ok Welders,this is my first post on this forum. Thanks for having me. This site has been very useful in the past when I’ve had problems or questions and google search referred me here. So thanks to you all for that as well. Here is my question: I’ve just picked up a n Invision 354mp with no accessories with it. So far it stickwelds like brand new. I got it for a song was the only reason I bought it. Reading the reviews on it it seems to be very good machine with enough power to do most anything anyone could want. As far as SMAW,Mig,Fluxcore,Fluxcore Gas is concerned. I’ve saw several different mig options for this. It really doesn’t matter to me which one as long I can mig or fluxcore 035 wire with it. I’ll be on the lookout for a used wire feeder with the gun and remote wire. So far my search hasn’t turned anything up. Anyone have this laying around and would like to part with it?

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    Another question:I know this unit doesn’t have tig but I’m pretty sure I could use a tig rig with scratch start and reverse polarity. Would there be a reason to why I couldn’t do this?


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      Scratch start tig, DCEN and a 17v torch, should’ve be any problem.