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Miller 330ST Aircrafter?

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  • Miller 330ST Aircrafter?

    There's a Miller 330ST Aircrafter Tig/Stick machine on ebay that I'm considering. I haven't seen many around. Looks like a modern version of a
    330 A/BP.

    Anyone have any experience or knowledge of this particular model?

    Good or bad? Is it worth considering for a $1000.00?


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    Just saw that unit. If its close enough to pick up, than yes it seems like a good deal.Otherwise shipping may make it prohibitive.
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      Those were a real bullet proof work horse in their day and were very popular in the aircraft industry,but one big drawback is,no square wave................I have put quite a few hours in on ine of these and can say that,while I was not impressed with it's AC characteristics on aluminum,as compared to a more modern square wave machines,it did a fine job on steel and stainless.I think that Miller was still remanufacturing these and selling them,as late as the mid to late 1990s.The introduction of square wave put the hurts on this model.I still would not pass one of if it is a good deal,because this is still a pretty decent machine.I have included a link for the welder on ebay.



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        Is it reasonable to assume that the 330ST will weld aluminum as well as any of the non square wave machines that Miller made?

        Do you think parts availability on these machines would be a problem?

        Thanks for your comments.



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          In this machines day,I had often heard it reffered to as the best avaliable for aluminum,as far as non-square wave machines go.This machine was just a victim of the rapidly improving technology advancements at Miller Electric,but still not a machine to be overlooked.I have been in a lot of shops that are still using non-square wave machines yet,though this type of machine would not be my first choice for real thin aluminum,I would not turn down a great deal on one either.As far as parts avaliability,I cant answer that question.Considering how many of these were built and are still in operation,I would have to quess that parts should still be avaliable.The person more qualified to answer that question,would be moderator Andy.