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Paging Ryan - Ryan white courtesy computer please

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  • Paging Ryan - Ryan white courtesy computer please

    Lets just call it In Service Training

    You're welcome

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    Not for me. You must have me confused with someone who likes sniffing glue.


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      Therein lies one f the biggest problems with kids. Refusal to learn unless they can see immediate benefit..

      Engels is a master craftsman in minimally 4 skill sets, but Ryan is sure he has nothing to learn from such a man. I ain't ashamed to admit I watched Engels build the repro 20 mule team Borax wagon train from scratch, and picked up a few tricks from him, but the bugleboy won't learn.


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        You’re right, I’m a master of nothing. But if has to do with painting, I have zero interest. We all have our faults. I hate painting, you hate being humble. Seems pretty even to me.


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          At my age humble has nothing to do with anything.

          Maybe we can work around your personal problem with painting by referring to the process as coating/liquid- brush applicable; viscosity alterable.

          Trust me, Engels is worth the time. Where else can you learn how to replace the rubber tire on a carriage wheel and make hubs & spokes for wheels. He even has a carving duplicator he built in the back room, and he plays with FIRE and bends wood with it.


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            Sure it does. Just because you’re old doesn’t mean you can be a jerk all the time. How’s that saying go....your own rags are better than someone else’s gown....

            And...I don’t care about wagon wheels. Or painting. Maybe when I’m old as dirt I’ll care about wagon wheels, or painting. But right now, you, Engels and about four other people on the planet care about friggin’ wagon wheels. I think it’s cool, but still not my thing.

            Put that in your dadgum Clark bar.


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              I been looking into your little problem Ryan, and really I want to help you, even though you're a belly crawlin Clark bar purloiner.
              Best I can tell so far is you don't seem to be a Chromophobic. More akin to a Pigmentophobic by definition, but your constant desire to powder coat indicates a problem with that definition as well.

              Rest assured I'm looking into it on our behalf.


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                Oh good. Let me know what you come up with.


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                  Got my popcorn ready