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Millermatic 200 - Big spark without trigger being pulled

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    “Stuff” is right, ha! Put all those numbers into the search, twice, and come up with a different mish mash of items each time.

    You might have some luck if you called around to a few welder repair shops and see if they have it laying around. I’ve been fortunate to track down some parts for other stuff in a similar manner.

    I was repairing, cleaning and restoring a friend’s pistols after going under water in hurricane Harvey down here. I did something real stupid and ended up breaking an elevation screw for a 30 year old Wilson combat bomar style sight off on a 1911. You think that part, or even the site, is still available? Nope. I called Wilson combat. Ended up talking to a guy that just happen to have that exact screw in his desk drawer. Said he’s had it there for 15 years, just rolling around. He dropped it in an envelope and sent it to me. Probably the last screw around not in a site somewhere.

    You could get lucky like that.


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      Finally got around to working on this machine. I purchased a new R16 resistor and the above mentioned contactor from Automation Direct. Had to do some modifications to the buss bars at the connections on the contactor, but the contactor itself mounted to the chassis using the original mounting screws/holes and the control coil wires plugged right in. The new contactor uses a 3/8-24 screw so I ended up using 6) 3/8-24 x 1/2" socket head cap screws to attach the buss bars. Had to do some trimming, hole enlargement and a very slight widening of the fingers to make it work. All in all a couple hours of fiddling around work, but for the price difference, it was worth it.

      I put a new gun on it and fired it up and welded for ~5 minutes with no issues. Probably 15-20 starts and never got more than a spark the size of what you'd see on a spark plug out of the wire when you touched it to the work piece.

      Just need to find the ground twist lock connector somewhere so I can make another ground clamp (I stole the one from the other Millermatic 200 in the shop to test this one).

      Thanks again to everyone who helped out in this thread - It's greatly appreciated!

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