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    Originally posted by Franz© View Post
    According to my bud in Nebraskastan who took that picture the tower generally stays standing when one throws a shoe like that. He says several in the area are waiting for a new blade with the residue hanging for all the world to see. He's seen big chunks of blade half a mile from where the blade was spinning when it failed. New blades are supposed to be carbon fiber with better resins.

    Thing I've always noticed about fiberglass and resin is over time the resin deteriorates and I get a hand full of fibers that make me go to preachin. Don't matter if it's a fiberglass snowplow stake or an expensive hockey stick, that crap self disintigrates from Sunshine.
    They closed off a mile radius out here in Tehachapi when one of them started running away :0
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      270 of the pinwheels built in the 90s in the Dakotas are scheduled to come down this year. Contractor is torching the monopoles at 42 feet for some reason. Owner is being a real stickler about using a crane to take them down even though the owner hasn't maintained the access road and the crane sorta sunk a few times already.
      Somebody in scheduling ain't on the team because the trucks to carry the nasal and blades don't arrive while the crane is still at the job, so the nasal and blades get left sitting on the ground when the crew leaves.
      Pinwheel industry seems like they want to make the cellular industry look competent.


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        I’ve watched some of those videos about those turbines running away....that’s some serious mechanical failure there.