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  • What's in your garage?

    How one guy ends up with so much stuff is beyond me but I have. Usually begins with "that's a good deal", or maybe "I'm going to need that one day", maybe it was " to good to throw away", or "more money then brains" ? No matter, that previous post about SS and I was searching the dust piles and discovered again some of what I had taking up space.
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ID:	598083 That old radiograph track cutter and barrel torch works but has never been run in 20 years or better that I've owned it. Just never had a need but like the Quick Spot Stitcher… I can say got one? I also discovered a box of old Lincoln 6010, the red ones. Let's go pipe welding?

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    What's in the garage isn't to be spoken of.

    Sure gonna be a lot of "What the He!! is this for" and "Why did he put this heavy SOB on a high shelf" when somebody cleans my garage out.


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      Garage? That's where I keep the Gimp....


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        Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
        Garage? That's where I keep the Gimp....
        Gimp image software?
        West coast of Florida


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          Originally posted by Franz© View Post
          What's in the garage isn't to be spoken of.

          Sure gonna be a lot of "What the He!! is this for" and "Why did he put this heavy SOB on a high shelf" when somebody cleans my garage out.
          Your thinking Fight Club and Vegas, everything else is on the table Franz.

          I think you can tell a lot about a person not by the condition of the garage but by the collection and variety of stuff in it. Mine is a treasure trove of interesting things for all ages, sounds like yours could be as well?
          Lol...what was that Einstein said, something about if a messy desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk say? Mines messy let me tell you.
          And Ryan, hands down you win for most interesting stuff.


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            How can you know Ryan has interestingst stuff when you haven't seen everybody's stuff?

            Does Ryan have a 10 gallon capacity block tin lined whiskey still in his garage?
            I even have a 68 Plymouth Fury 3 in mine and a 52 Dodge M-37 in another garage and sheds full of goodies that didn't fit in the garage.
            Ryan swiped one of my D A M Clark bars.


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              It was the Gimp. I'm sorry to say, you can't top the Gimp.
              That is however a notable collection and the still I must admit is a strong also peaked me interest as my kids want to have me practice some stainless on a beer keg for just that purpose?


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                I'd let you guys see him, but he's sleepin'. Beer not to disturb the gimp while he's sleepin'.


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                  Be a good father Noel and properly teach them children Stainless ain't for cookin, and it ain't for worms or condensers either. Block Tin exists for good reason, and you should instill that into kids young.
                  You should also reach them the benefit of indirect firing in a water bath so the block tin doesn't get eroded and need to be reworked.

                  After all you don't want them kids getting poisoned or worse blown up by an improper still.
                  Raise em right.


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                    Well I know nothing about such things and honestly never heard of Block Tin before you mentioned it. That meant I had to do some googling. I'm still uncertain so if you offer to clarify that would be great. This still project is on the burner for the simple fact my one kid is renting a place with a wack of fruit trees. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I don't my sipping on a brandy to get a glow. Any advice is appreciated. Last thing I need is three blind mice?


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                      I most likely have more stuff in my garage that I have accumulated over the years that I have forgotten about and dont remember that I have. Some things I have that I do remember is a Miller Roughneck2E, a Lincoln Weldpak 100, a Chinese ARC 200 stick machine, a set of torch bottles with Meco regs and Victor torch. Also a harbor freight truck bed crane, harbor freight horizontal bandsaw, Oldsmobile 455 parts, ladder bars, electric water pump kit for small block Chevy pump, brake line lock kit used for drag racing, and most likely other things that I can not remember right now. I need to go through it all and sell of stuff I dont want or need.
                      A FEW OF MY TOYS !!!

                      MX Linux

                      Miller Roughneck 2E
                      Lincoln Weldpak 100
                      Gianttech Arc 200
                      Victor O/A


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                        Noel, we got a whole lot of educatin to do.
                        Might be best if I know when you were paroled from High School so I can phrase to that era.

                        Most mashes or even wines you load into a cooker are corrosive to the copper, so block tin is thermal plated onto the copper for longer use life. Copper and some mashes will also yield a component called Fusel oil which is TOXIC. Block Tin is the same process used inside milk cans and EXPENSIVE copper cookware and ancient steel Hobart Mixer bowls.

                        Drawback to block tin is low melt point, around 500, so a direct fired cooker that isn't properly tended will wind up burning the tin off, and may even melt the bottom out of the cooker.
                        Fortunately alcy vaporizes around 180 and water boils at 212, so the still can be a double boiler. That'll get you through a double distillation of quality alcy.

                        Now Brandy is a whole reality unto itself. Using the school's pyrex to make brandy in 7gth grade Almost got me overly acquainted with the word EXPELLED until the blithering Baptist who wanted me down the road mistakenly admitted the Science teacher was right, I made fine Brandy. I was transferred to a different school a couple years later where I could only make and sell beer. Brandy requires time and a gentle cook.

                        Of course if you happen to own a vacuum pump there are cheats.


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                          1974. Maybe if I had paid greater attention to some of those lessons, I don't know, things could have turned out differently? I'm all ears for learning however, but know nothing about making shine?


                          This is a friend of mine who seems to have stepped into the game. I was going to eventually bend his ear on the matter and when you mentioned your still, that was the reminder of the keg in my pile of things to deal with at some point. My kid sent me a video link, which I watched...seems simple enough and if I was more of a drinker, I'd have probably already made one or under took the attempt.

                          Now my kid...thinks his dad is made of money and can do anything "he" desires. I'm not and probably could if I wanted to, but I don't always want to. But at the rate he's gathering components, I have to instruct him further on welding or just do the dirty of what he wants done when I'm in a darn good mood to be helpful. Heard this on the radio the other day so I got my kid a tree for fathers day. He says, "what do I need that for?". I said so you can plant it and see money doesn't grow on it.

                          But more to the subject of crafting something up and that Block Tin, so you buy this in a sheet then? Tin bash it together sort of thing? Or is it joined with solder to seal the joints? Both? Wasn't it Ford who said an acre of land could produce a crop to power the tractor for a year?


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                            In my garage? A lot of fire power:
                            HTP Invertig221 D.V. Water-cooled
                            HTP Pro Pulse 300 MIG
                            HTP Pro Pulse 200 MIG x2
                            HTP Pro Pulse 220 MTS
                            HTP Inverarc 200 TLP water cooled
                            HTP Microcut 875SC


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                              WOW! That's an impressive display of welding power. As impressive as it is, that skinny tire has me wondering what it's attached to?