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  • Ronald Lemke a/k/a Shade Tree Weldunce is a soap and lubricant salesman out of Illinois covering an industrial account route.
    His welding business is/was 2 stalls in his wife's horsie barn. His sole manufacturing job in the shop to my knowledge was making starter solenoid covers for a Defense Contractor. The job was accomplished by a weldor employed by Cat working in the horsie barn when not working at Cat.
    His original deal was scamming server time by giving the server owner a large percentage of advertising revenue. That server owner got smart over time.
    He went to College with a man who lives in my area. He has been to my house to pick up an air compressor. On my wife's instruction I invited him in for coffee and her home made Italian cookies. He and his former fellow student didn't have time to stop because they had to get to a bar and drink beer. Italian grandmothers tend to interpret that as poor rearing on the part of a man's parents as well as an insult to the grandmother who extended the invitation. I tend to agree with her assessment. Since he was off the property and likely never to return I listened to Granny and chose to not pursue the issue with the punk.

    Cutter is a licensed hairdresser in Texas who has earned his living for at least 20 years as a handyman for apartment and rental house owners. His shop sits on a service ally behind his house. His skillset as a hairdresser must have been high or his client base was extremely stupid. I'm not certain and can only say he was well groomed when he stopped at my house in the company of Madam X, the wife of a living retired Army career officer. They get together a couple times a year for a week and fornicate according to them. My wife was not at home when they visited. Madam was happy to advantage herself of the opportunity to sit in and enjoy my 68 Plymouth Fury 3. Her response to why she didn't just shed the nonperforming husband and move to Texas with Cutter was "she couldn't afford to loose all the benefits".

    The software is VBulletin, I selected it when the board was being built. Cutter and Madam are highly conversant with the operation of the board and to my knowledge run day to day operations.
    There is a section accessible to only a select group called the Goat Locker. It's primary use is to be a place where members are humiliated. Shady loves to humiliate people and considers himself a master of the skill. My opinion is the only skill Shady ever mastered is baiting.

    Around the time I crashed and burned, Shady had learned Pelton was looking for a welding site to buy where a couple of their children could play manager and make a few bucks. Pelton was looking at WannabeWeb and Shady made an offer to sell SloFlushingTurds to Pelton. They entertained his offer and told him membership was insufficient for their plan. Shady decided after consultation with the suck engineer from Vactor board membership could be boosted by hauling in members of Pirate 4x4 and accepting the language level of that group. I don't and won't play that crap, and I especially won't tolerate it on a site where children are well known to read the board with their parents consent. I made my position known and stood my ground.
    I can with fair ease deliver foul words in minimally 4 languages, and yet I see no great need to Fbomb to make my point. In fact I see constant Fbombing as a detraction from a site. Apparently I was outvoted, and shortly after I got out of the hospital, I was covertly banned. Fine, I built it, I'm finished, I'm down the road, UNTIL people stop telling the truth. I can also afford lawyers. I may be old and crippled up, but I still don't back down or give ground without good reason. Shady came to understand my position and comply with my demands.

    I remain a student of both SunTsu and Edward Bernays, and I am certain both were better teachers than I ever was a student.


    • Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      Glad I don’t go to that site.
      There is a long list of people who no longer go to SloFlushingTurds, and I know and still communicate with many of them.
      My understanding is HairCutter recently expressed concern about the site atrophying.
      Several left when they learned I had been shanked and why.


      • Interesting....I always wondered what happened there.
        I never seemed to fit in there. Most of my posts were ignored I felt. I've tried for years and pretty much gave up.... definetly a "clique" or at least that is my impression. I did see you were "banned" and actually tried to find out why to no avail. I also read some of your posts on Toolbox or something like that.
        Somehow I was under the impression those guys were professional welders also.
        There are a lot of great guys over on Welding Web though. Not speaking of the management, but rather the general membership. I did spend a huge amount of time on XS11 and pontoon Magazine's Forum a long time ago.
        I pretty much decided between here and WW and Hobart, with Miller being my primary home.
        That being said I do believe we could be a bit more "On Topic" and perhaps keep projects posting in the project section. But I am really happy to see such an increase of threads and posts. Especially considering not too far back it was nothing but about broken down machines, and still being posted in the Welding Discussions forum.
        I do believe we could add 2 new categories. One for welding machine discussion and one for simply "off topic" discussion. I realize I am only one person and there are many other viewpoints. much better to have more to read than I have time for than to only see the same old posts from several days back.
        Man I do miss H80N !!
        I simply want to thank everyone here for hanging out and posting so often. it really is one of my diversions along with my morning coffee jut before I have to join the actual world of making metal submit to my will
        Miller Dynasty 700...OH YEA BABY!!
        Miller Dynasty 280 with AC independent expansion card
        Miller Dynasty 200 DX "Blue Lightning"

        Miller Bobcat 225 NT (what I began my present Biz with!)
        Miller 30-A Spoolgun
        Miller WC-115-A
        Miller Spectrum 300
        Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
        Miller Digital Elite Titanium 9400