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MillerMatic 212 turns itself off

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    Originally posted by Metjunkie View Post
    did you actually watch them turn it on and weld with it?
    I did not. Another option here is to take it to another repair facility although the idea of this frustrates me to no end.

    One thing you are correct about is all the money and time dumped into getting this machine working...



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      Yes, I would find another place to take it and request they allow you to watch what they do. As Franz and others here have stated, there are a lot of "techs" in the service industry that don't know their backside from a hole in the ground. But they have a piece of paper that says they do.


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        As Beverly the fully Credentialed Hospital Plant Engineer said in 1998 when she delivered her report on the power failure and recovery; Both generators performed exactly to need and came on line within parameters. The facility went into Emergency operating condition. 12 minutes later the first machine shut itself down within parameters. 7 minutes after that the second machine shut down. That was within design parameters. The Hospital continued to operate in secondary EMERGENCY condition.

        I was paged and responded to the emergency

        Nice firemen under the leadership of Capt Ryan arrived to assist. It was determined the puttitats shut themselves down because they overheated and eggs sitting on the enclosures could cook in their shells. The nice firemen employed a special tool (Halligan bar) they carry on the big white trucks, and opened the louvers that had failed to open electrically. Other firemen brought hoses connected to one of the trucks into the generator room and poured water onto the big yellow engines to cool them so they could be restarted. Ia about half an hour we were able to manually restart one machine and shortly after we got the second running. The hospital returned to EMERGENCY condition 1 and continued to function until utility power returned..

        Both generators were shut down and the Cat dealer was notified of the unusual operation. The puttipetter from Cat is grinning from ear to ear and conducting machine inspections. We were unable to utilize the military gensets hauled in by the County as the Hospital has no connection provisions for such. I am working up apecs to accommodate that eventuality although the likelyhood of it occurring.

        The Board thought Beverly was brilliant, although several members noted she was expanding in an unflattering way.

        Two months later, Bev had left her position just days before the $187,000 bill arrived from Puttipower. Pistons, rods and liners ain't cheap and it costs money to put them in. It was clearly stated on the invoice the machines had gone over temperature because the louvers failed to open and the design engineer for the Hospital had saved a few bucks on construction electing to not add secondary engine cooling via public water supply.
        Also Noted, The Electrical Engineer who designed the system had the louvers connected to Utility power, NOT generator power.

        NOT stated, had Ryan and his IAFF boys employed a crescent wrench instead of a Halligan bar $40,000 of louver replacement could have been avoided.

        Yup, Engineers gonna save us from evil.

        I'll repeat, READ the BOOK for that machine. The machine is performing exactly to specification.
        Socratic learning is retained knowledge.