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Dynasty 350 keeps blowing up

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  • Dynasty 350 keeps blowing up

    I have a dynasty 350 that keeps blowing PC1. It started off with the error "Help 31" and it wouldn't do anything. A day later the breaker tripped. I turned the breaker back on and went to power up the machine and it blew up. I took it apart and found that it blew the board, igbt modules and caps. I ordered a new board, mods and caps. I installed it and turned it on and it blew up again. I noticed that I put the mods in wrong . Another 1600 dollars later a new board came in and everything was installed correctly. I turned it on, nothing on the display and 5 seconds later it blew again. I already have 3400 into parts alone. Was wondering if anyone has had this problem before. If so, where should I be looking? Its not the board itself because they were brand new.

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    Some guys get married a third time thinking that's gonna be the charm? This is one of those times you have to ask yourself, how much punishment can I take? Afford?
    You have a Dynasty, how old? What's the history? SR# is I'm sure going to help someone help you...maybe?
    Well it seems it died and your left with a nasty? Sounds like a short somewhere? But for the price of a board, I'd be loading up on soldering supplies and be prepared for the long haul of learning?


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      I would have been scared sh*$less to attempt anything on that machine. I would have left it in the hands of a Miller repair technician, and have them diagnose the problem right the 1st time. Sorry it doesn't help now, but in a way it does if you plan to have that machine up and running like new.
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        Man, that sucks.


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          Ouch. Man, for that kind of money, I would have bought a pair of Syncrowave 350s and called it "good" until the next ice age. Hope you get it ironed out!


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            Sorry man, I am guessing the Dynasty 350 looks similar to the XMT 350 inside, which has two power modules on the left side. Did you run through the pre-power checks? My guess is the either the capacitors are toast or there is a short on the output. I would lean towards the capacitors since it happened right at turn on plus 5 seconds, but it could be a short on the output. Everytime you turn it on, the capacitors pre charge through a 25 watt or so pre-charge capacitor (upper left on the interconnect board on XMT 350's, not sure where it would be on the Dynasty, other than between the input line connections and the capacitors). Once they reach ~163V across each capacitor, the boost circuit is connected through an SCR in the left module (XMT 350), raising the voltage across each capacitor to 480V (960V on the DC bus). The problem is both of those power modules have a component in the boost circuit, so both go if there's a short across the capacitors. It's tough to test those capacitors because they sometimes only breakdown near operating voltages (480V). Check to see if they're leaking any fluid on the case or back side of the interconnect board. It could also be a short in the transformer or output diode, which would take out the inverter transistors in those module, and if they short, could take out the boost circuit as well. The pre-power checks will tell you what went, and also tell you if there is a problem on the control board that caused it too (gate drives or diodes shorted).
            ​Hope this helps.