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Problem with my Miller trailblazer

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  • Problem with my Miller trailblazer

    Vacuum cleaner user issues and how to solve them

    Whether you have a vacuum cleaner or not, you may still have several questions in your mind about good vacuum cleaners. From some of our surveys, we have collected the most frequently asked questions. Thus, we have created this page to share the answers for these questions.

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    What kind of filter is better?

    Actually, in the vacuum industry, there are two main types of filtration. When choosing the filter system, you need to consider the material of surfaces what you want to clean.
    1. HEPA filter which retains 99,97% particles and including 0.3 microns
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    What are the best vacuum cleaners?

    There are a wide range of Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews on the market. For us, the best vacuum cleaner is one which is suitable for our needs and our budget.
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    Need some more info here. What model Trailblazer? How thick is "on the thin side"? Have you done this with the machine before? Stick welding is not the easiest process to use for welding sheet metal. What type and size rod are you using? What is the make/model of the "smaller newer stick welder"?


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      If it has a Rheostat it could be that. Without serial I cant tell you what your machine has. Also sounds like a LEM problem


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        What position is the remote switch in?
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