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Problem with my Miller trailblazer

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  • Problem with my Miller trailblazer

    I have an older Miller Trailblazer that I use for mobile welding, the reason I say it's older is because it uses an Onan motor and I know that Onan no longer exist.

    The problem that I'm having is that when I try to weld something on the thin side the welder just wants to blow holes in it even set all the way down to 40 amps, it's as if the welder is stuck at a certain amperage which is weird because if you crank the amperage up it will make a much more powerful weld, I know it's not welding like 60 amps because I plugged in my smaller newer stick welder into the Trailblazer and set it to 60 and it did not blow holes in the workpiece if you guys have any ideas or recommendations please let me know

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    Need some more info here. What model Trailblazer? How thick is "on the thin side"? Have you done this with the machine before? Stick welding is not the easiest process to use for welding sheet metal. What type and size rod are you using? What is the make/model of the "smaller newer stick welder"?


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      If it has a Rheostat it could be that. Without serial I cant tell you what your machine has. Also sounds like a LEM problem


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        What position is the remote switch in?
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