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  • Bobcat 250

    I recently traded for a bobcat 250 that will not weld but the generator will produce power any help is greatly appreciated
    I am VERY new to the world of generator welding world

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    Welcome! Hope we can help you out. Please post your serial number--that allows anyone trying to help you to look at the correct diagrams.

    You are going to need a digital multi meter if you don't already have one. Put the starter switch in RUN, not RUN/IDLE, and select AC WELD. Measure the voltage between your two stick welding leads. You should see somewhere around 80 volts AC. (Checking on AC rather than DC cuts a lot of components out of the circuit) Try switching to different current ranges to be sure the problem is not just a bad switch contact--was this thing sitting unused for a while? Then, also check DC voltage at the weld leads on the DC ranges You ought to get around 72 volts on the CC ranges, and around 40 volts on the wire ranges. Also, in order to check/set engine RPM (the engine doesn't have to be very far off of the spec RPM to not weld), get a Kill-A-Watt meter at Home Depot or Lowes or Harbor Freight--check the frequency of the power at the 120v receptacle--should be about 62.5 Hz with no load if the RPM is set correctly. If it's not, follow the instructions in the manual to adjust the RPM properly before trying anything else.


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      Serial# LF312350