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    New here and just got myself a pristine Syncrowave 351. It is an original machine with no option on it.

    Looking for the board that has got the pulser unit under it, also the pre flow board. basically the 3 boards under the main one.
    I know this is a long shoot but I am trying to get the original parts sice it is very hard to find them.

    I know that PC300 could work too - still can't find one

    What about "TIG Perfect 2.0"- any thoughts about this product?

    Any help with part numbers and a place where I might get it would be really helpful!


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    Welcome, jgozani!

    I'm assuming by your question about part numbers that you don't have the owner's manual/parts list for your machine. (or is that question only related to the TIG Perfect?)

    Anyway, if you don't already have this info...... Go to the top of this page, click the "SUPPORT" link, and then the 'MANUALS AND PARTS" link. You can try putting in your serial number in the left block at the bottom of the page, but it often doesn't find anything. If not, use the block on the right at the bottom and put in the name, then scroll down through the list of manuals until you find your serial number range. The part numbers for the boards will be in the parts list at the back of the manual. Getting the boards is another issue, and could be expensive. Try, and also the PARTS link on this Miller site. Sometimes boards pop up by part number on ebay, too.