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    Originally posted by Solid Lifters View Post
    Someone suggested turning wire speed up, but if I understand correctly this will increase the amperage and I'm right at burning holes now, so I've thought about wire speed up and voltage down, but don't know if that's a good idea.

    This tells me you have to readjust your thinking. What will happen when adjusting WFS is the amount of wire will increase or decrease. The power source is Constant Voltage. Amperage varies. The biggest variable is wire stick out and which voltage tap your set on.
    Increasing the WFS will result in a greater amount of wire exiting the gun, a narrowing of the arc, an increase in deposition, and the droplets being firmer and more forceful.
    Are you using the same size tip or one slightly larger of a tip then wire size? Is the tip recessed, flush or extended? Bumping the WFS should help with burn back as well as using a longer stick out.
    Post a picture and good luck.


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      Bad ground, under the drive roll there's a copper plate( connector) and these wear out with time.....remove drve roll and check to see if worn....bad connections are a pain..... Been using a 30A for 20 years plus....and now have push pull also! AG
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