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Millermatic 175 clicks but does not feed wire

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  • Millermatic 175 clicks but does not feed wire

    Hi guys,

    lots of good troubleshooting skills on here. Hope someone can give me some ideas on my miller 175.

    the machine powers on and fan runs fine. It clicks when you press the trigger, red light on board comes on, but does not turn the wire feed motor.

    I measured the voltage while adjusting wire speed and got following numbers:
    Speed 0 - 4V
    speed 50 - 11V
    speed 100 - 20V

    then I hooked up my multimeter in series to check the power draw and saw that there was barely any amperage. Not enough to turn the motor, despite the voltage looking ok.

    speed 0 - 70mA
    speed 50 - 160mA
    speed 100 - 240mA

    I hooked up the motor directly to a 12V power supply and even with 1 amp the motor did turn. So the motor is not burned out.

    I looked at the switch on the gun and that was fine and working properly.

    I replaced relay CR1, thinking that was the culprit but unfortunately that wasnt it. The problem persists.

    The board is: 207466
    there is a white sticker next to the model with "LE-43" on it.

    the welder has been used in a hobby shop and farm repair capacity ... not full time or professional type use.

    what should I investigate next?

    appreciate the help!

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    How about this, disconnect the motor from the gear box, leave the wiring connected, turn on and squeeze the trigger. Does the motor turn? If it does, will the speed adjust with the WFS dial being turned?

    Assuming it not the dreaded board, and you've replaced the CR1 thingy...and being a dummy I'd ask did you compare the two for values with a meter when they were removed (?) I'm thinking, as nuts as it sounds, dried up gear box. You've checked your liner? Not dirty kinked or crushed? Leeds to causing such problems so I'm told?

    Add some light oil off a q tip into the motor cups as well. I'm just saying out loud, what doesn't need a drop of oil to keep the wheels rolling? When it's 40 below and the car doesn't it the battery, the starter, or a need for a little grease?
    It's true you know, the more times you take the cover off the more familiar it becomes. Well, you must be good at it by now, good luck with that.


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      Thanks for the suggestions..... will try some of those this weekend.

      anyone else have a suggestion? Any miller tech guys?


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        Sometimes things happen for a reason, sometimes things just happen. I have an old Buick Road Master with a power trunk. Thing stopped doing so I took it apart like I do everything, including my drive motor and gear box, pics attached.
        Anyways...turns out in the Buick, a magnet in the motor had come loose. So I took it out gave things a cleaning and proceeded to re-glue it into place. By all accounts things should have worked but they didn't?
        While my efforts to get the MIG up and running proved to be a success, the power trunk didn't work. Turn out I glued the magnet in wrong and when I realized what I did, I said oh well, no power trunk and it suits me just fine. Guess that's not going to work for you so hopefully a better fix becomes apparent to the problem.
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