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Bobcat 225 problems

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  • Bobcat 225 problems

    Good morning all.
    I tried searching for this question but couldn't quite find a match

    my bobcat 225 will start and idle fine but it wont strike an arc unless I plug a grinder Into the 120v and run it for a second. After that i can weld.
    any idea what to fix or replace?
    Thank you guys

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    First is it just a 225? Serial #'s always help. Sounds like your RPM's might be too low. Your slip rings could be dirty. The machine needs a voltage to read that you've struck an arc. So somewhere you are not getting enough voltage. The grinder tells me your idle module and solenoid are working. Very minor fix.


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      Do you have the ability on the switch to just run it at full speed instead of idling? Sounds like the part that senses striking the arc or uses that info to rev up the engine is the failure. More likely the former because the 120V load does the trick.