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Maxstar 200 tig very low gas flow

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  • Maxstar 200 tig very low gas flow

    Welder has been in storage for 2 years after moving. When I hit the pedal, I get an initial burst of gas then a very faint flow until the postflow time completes. I took the torch apart and witnessed the same behavior. The fittings on the welder side of the torch leads seem undamaged, so I'm guessing its something inside the welder. (I also replaced the regulator and I'm still seeing the same behavior) Basic google-fu got me maybe its the gas solenoid.

    The welder is way overdue for a service so this forces my hand, but the timing is bad. I guess getting 12 years of use out of a welder I bought used aint too bad.

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen this behavior before..?

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    Check each piece starting at the tank. Take it apart and make sure there's not some schmoo or a spider web or jimmy hoffa in there. Once you get to the machine, skip over to the torch lead and work backwards. If all seems clear, then crack the case and get eyes on the solenoid.

    I got a solenoid for one of my Miller machines a year or two ago and it was something like $45.


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      Do you have a flow meter or a simple regulator? If you have a flow meter does it read a normal cfm? The flow rate should be set while the gas valve is open (ie hit the pedal or the purge button) Its normal to get a quick burst of gas pressure when first opening that valve and then it seemingly slowing down. What happens is that the regulator drops the pressure to usually around 50 psi which is what then goes into the flowmeter. After a few seconds of the gas valve closed the whole line will pressure up to 50 psi. So when you open the valve you get a quick burst as it lets out this excess pressure and then the flow meter will begin restricting the flow to whatever you set it to.

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