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250 DX immediately burns tungsten upon start up

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  • 250 DX immediately burns tungsten upon start up

    I have a 250 DX on AC tig only, upon start up it immediately melts the tungsten straight into the torch handle it seems to be delivering maximum power on controllably. I have gone through the diagnostics with Miller The common components and capacitor checks are all within specs and I’m wondering if the PC one circuit board could be the culprit. Does anyone have any experience with the symptoms I am describing

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    What it sounds like to me is you don't have AC anymore? But that's just a guess on my part. See if you can weld DC electrode negative?


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      This may sound stupid, but are you sure you actually are using tungsten?? I've seen that trick played more than once!!
      Try bigger and different type and see what happens. When I ran a Syncrowave 250 it HATED green tungsten and did something similar to what you are describing. Switched to 1/8th 2% lanthanated and problem solved.
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        Noel and FusionKing are on the right track,
        but if it's 5356 try 4043

        There are times with my old syncrowave 250 that makes me stop for a moment

        Is the REMOTE vs PANEL switch selected properly?
        Is the HI FREQ set to CONTINUOUS?
        Is the POLARITY set correctly?
        Is it ARGON and is the bottle valve OPEN and is the FLOWMETER set properly?

        I realize the starting amperage is not adjustable on those...
        Is it an older machine with the amperage selector having the hi/low range?

        Good luck!
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